Really don’t want to turn this thread into another debate about covid or vaxxes.

Just wanted to post this link:

You posted a new thread to provide a link to Bitchute? What da fuck is wrong with you.

Are these forums moderated anymore?

Can we have just one thread linked to fringe COVID wingnut conspiracy theories?

how is it a fringe conspiracy theory win the MSM even agrees with the precautions?

1stly, it’s not a fringe conspiracy theory, half this forum believes in it, and I suspect close to half of people in general believe it’s either fake, exaggerated or real and unexaggerated, but the medical, sociopolitical and economic response is still disproportionate, but most of them are too afraid to speak up and stand out.
2ndly, it’s not like I’m flooding the boards with links/threads about covid, so what if I post a link/thread or 2 every few months?
3rdly, covid is a huge topic, there’re many upcoming subtopics within the broader ongoing topic that could use their own threads, and arguably this is one of them.
I didn’t want this link/topic to get buried in other threads.
There’s dozens if not hundreds of threads about say Trump started by both the right and left, and no one’s complaining about them.
Lastly, I’m open to developing and discussing this thread, just really don’t feel like getting into another debate.