Anyone familiar with this phenomena? Basically it was discovered in termites and ants. They build complex structures simply by responding to cues in their environment, basically the environment becomes the medium of communication. It has a lot of potential for application in various disciplines including the world wide web. Any thoughts?

Marshall I have thumbed through the website it rocks. Tell me, do you remember the old GI Joe movie with Cobra-La?

Interesting, ants also communicate through chemicals, I always assumed that’s how they communicated rather than through stigmergicy. Nice informative website.

Also wondering how the GI Joe movie relates to this :astonished:

That is some very useful information. I think we as humans need to organize ourselves more to the patterns of nature. Since we are social animals, it makes sense that we organize ourselves according to the system of organizations of other highly productive social animals (in this case insects). I also am a proponent of ecodesign technology, and think that it is needed for the salvation of man kind. If we don’t make ourselves fit into the patterns of nature, soon enough, this planet will become uninhabitable for us, and nature will continue without us. So stigmergy technology may be a step in the right directions…

You gotta see the Movie, too hard to explain