still makes me mad!

Let me begin by saying that this is probably the wrong place to be posting this. The place I actually wanted to post this was on a site called Unsolved Murders /Missing Persons Canada. The problem is their stupid website won’t let me register; nor will it let me send an email to their administration to tell them that I can’t register. Anyways, I’ve got to vent my anger somewhere, and that’s why I came here.

The case involves the unsolved murder of a five year old girl, friend of mine, from 40 some years back. This is the case as it appears on their website:

For many years, I had been under the impression that this case had been solved, until today, when I started looking for information on the case, and I came across that piece. One of the guys who posted on there is a cousin to Shirley, and apparently even he is unaware that there was a suspect in the case. It seems that the information I had, that made me think the case had been solved, was from an inside source. The police know who the creep is who did this … the guy even made a deathbed confession … but nothing was ever released to the public. The creep who did this was the son of a big wig lawyer and Canadian senator, and the cops didn’t want a scandal.

There’s justice 4 ya!

Canada has civil law suits for wrongful death, right? If it is the son of high ranking parlimentarian, it suggests the family still has a estate that can be sued. My recommendation… do so.

In Canada, the law is all named funny, but it all tends to be their, get family members to sue, chances are the mere threat will generate hush money. Lots of it.

Assuming no hush money was ever paid, the prospect of a successful suit against the estate may be complicated by the fact that the murder happened in 1972. The law at the time would have awarded very little in the way of damages for the death of a daughter. The law has since changed, and damage awards are still only modest, and I’m not sure if the new laws can be applied retroactively to an old case like this. A further complication is that in 1979, a devastating fire wiped out the entire family, except for Shirley’s older brother. Talk about a hard luck family.

I know the name of the guy who did this, and I was looking at obituaries online, and I found the father (the senator) and the guy who did the murder. The father was long gone before this incident, but apparently the murderer also died, and not very long after committing his heinous deed. So who knows what happened there (suicide, revenge?), and as far as I could tell, he did not have any kids of his own. But this could be another complication in trying to sue any estate, seeing as the perpetrator has been dead for over forty years.

Another possibility is that of suing the police department. Now if the remaining family was never given the identity of this person who confessed, I can see this as a possible breech of duty on the part of the police force. And as far as I can tell, they are unaware that there was a confession in the case, from the comments of one of the posters on the Unsolved Murders website. Before they could do anything, however, they would have to know about this confession, and I tried to register on their site again this morning, and it still wouldn’t let me.