Strange things....

I wasn’t sure where to post this. It sort of has to do with Psychology, Philosophy, and it’s sort of a Mundane Babble thing. I’ll leave it upto the mod’s to decide.

At work…

  1. I was in the medicine aisle and I noticed this herbal stuff called Devil’s Claw 400mg 60 tablets and then it read “supports Degenerative Joint Diseases”…supports!?!

  2. The gel male deoderant comes in two sizes, as far as I know, either 90g or 60g. The funny thing is that each one is $4.29 (CDN). Even more funny is the fact that the 60g gel deoderant container is taller and wider than the 90g container. Should companies be allowed to do this type of subtle brainwashing? Is it enough to simply tell people “Buyer Beware”? Can we reasonably be expected to read the fine print on everything we purchase?

  3. In the cosmetics section they have “Be Yourself” painted with big lettering all over the wall. I thought to myself “why would anyone who is themselves be in the cosmetics section?” - but then I realized that this was subliminal messaging to young girls “You aren’t yourself unless you are wearing our products”…which translates to… “You aren’t beautiful unless you are wearing our products”…which translates to…“You aren’t happy unless you are wearing our products”. I have noticed that women seem happiest when they have atleast one or two faces of make-up on. But a woman cannot wear make-up for even the slightest majority of her life, this means that they are unhappy for the majority of their lives. Am I going to far with this?

What’s your take?

With the extremely rapid development of the means of production there eventually comes the question, Why are we making all of this stuff? TO have more money. Why do we want more money? TO have what we want. What do we want?

We have such an abundance of stuff that we have turned our focus on convincing people to buy. We no longer make a huge effort to increase production. Advertisers prey upon our common fears and flaws. Our insecurities get played upon. We get influenced to have small attention spans. We get influenced to feel bored with what we buy so that we will go out again and buy more. Endlessly seeking as lasting satisfaction in temporary goods and services. This car, this toy, this beauty product, this whatever, will really make you happy. No REALLY this time.

Manufactures build products, not to the best of their ability, not with a goal of excellent craftsmanship, but with the intention that the products will break, malfunction or otherwise become useless. With the goal of getting the consumer to buy the new and improved model after the old one becomes useless.

Convenience has become the main drug of choice. Give me my convenience! I have a right to fast service! Give me my customer satisfaction!

Why? Why this demand for convenience? We demand it because our lives are so hectic. We haven’t a moment to spare.

Our system demands rapidness. Buy faster. Companies must grow, grow, grow! So they must convince people to buy, buy, buy!

Governments have nothing to gain from demanding honesty from advertisers. Those with the power and influence will tend act in such as way as to maintain or increase their power and influence. Successful businesses lead to a vast concentration of influence in a few hands. Every power distribution leads eventually to oligarchy.

But as has been said, that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

I know the feeling.

It seems as if we can never be content to settle with what we have… we must acquire more stuff (usually crap that we could live without) as if it somehow justifies our existence.

Personally, I would be content with a good career, a decent home, reliable transportation of some form, a dog, a pool, and three wives…

Is that so much to ask? :sunglasses:
Ok, I can do without the pool.

Seriously though, I think some of Modern Man, well modern Western Man’s needs for the accumulation of useless crap as status serves a dual role of impressing others and impressing ourselves. ‘Meaning’ granted by inanimate objects… maybe man hasn’t advanced all that far from our cave dwelling days. We categorize our existence by the stuff around us and assign to it a level of importance that, quite frankly, it doesn’t deserve. By making useless stuff important, maybe we feel important by owning it?

Gadfly of ILP,
Ah! Ha! And who goes and gets a haircut every 2nd or third month? Is that not like a cosmetic for your appearance? My dear, cosmetics are just like clothes, a second skin that we feel comfortable in, don’t criticise their use or application. And in future please refrain from buying clothes that you look good in, buy only ones that you don’t look much good in or they’ll be like a cosmetic for your body.

Just application of anything on a body is not cosmetic removal is too because the objective is to look good. So, stop shaving that facial hair if you’re a guy and grow a long beard and two plaits trailing from either side of your mouth that was initially a moustache, and see how attractive you’ll be! :smiley:

As to your query no. 1) Yeah! Instead of “support,” they should have the word counteracts in there.

Query no. 2) My dear, companies will do what the hell they like to make profits if they can legally get away with it and for all you know, if you were in their shoes you may even feel justified, but so long as they are not stepping on your rights or forcing anything upon you (subtle persuasion by implication DOES NOT COUNT, it exists everywhere) then you can’t really do much except be a smart shopper.