Study Study...

It’s 2 am… and i plan on staying up to study until 8 am when i go to my exam.
I’m getting so sick of having to study shit i don’t like, like Romanian Geography. I’M SO BORED!

Someone help…

I got a huge philosophy exam the day after tomorrow and i haven’t studied enough for that either.

Although i don;t usualy drink anything but beer… i’m really gonna let myself go this saturday after i’m done with all this geography crap.

I hate learning irrelevant bullshit. Although as a general rule of thumb it usually becomes relevant at some point later on. How many times though… could be 1.

Holy crap! Romanian geography? I went to a school that had a core curriculum - you had to take a couple of histories, a couple of sciences (one lab science), a foreign language, I guess. Math. A couple of lits, a couple from menus (Psych and soc or psych and philo or philo and psych - something like that) But not geography.

Get a fucking map. That’s not worth all that time, in my book.

My philo profs had a cool grading system. If you were a major, and aced your papers, they didn’t put much weight into the mid-term and final, which were the only exams. You could still ace the class if you made some kind of showing on the exams. If you weren’t a major and couldn’t write a good paper (but tried to) but aced the exams, you could probably pull at least a “B” for the section.

I think that made a lot of sense. I didn’t care about my grades, anyway, but everyone else did.

the big question:you could relax and fail on purpose;but then,

THEN, would you have to do the coarse again?

Quit. Become a vagrant. Or assassinate a foreign dictator. Or set up a food cooperative in North Korea. Or a missile exchange…

Drift - you could fail on purpose, yes. Why would you want to? yes, you’d have to take the course again.

siatd - I am almost a vagrant - it’s got it’s advantages. Not so easy to get laid, however. Someone here characterised women’s view of men as penises with wallets. In America, we are more like wallets with penises. Maybe different over there.

Hearing you speak of women this way faust makes you even less attractive than a vagrant.


I do not make the news, angel; I merely report it.

Reporting this garbage reinforces this garbage.


Then denial is the answer. Hmmmmmm.

Just stop talking shit. No denial. End of story.


Pardon? I sense hostility. This is not a novel idea that I espouse here. In fact, there was a time when marriage itself was seen as an entirely economic instrument. I see no reason why my specific formulation, seen in an historical perspective, should be so readily dismissed - without reason. You are free to have our opinion, angel. I do not see why I am not so free to have mine.

You know, I would like, before I get in the car for five hours, to make a more in-depth respnse to LA. My point may have seemed like a complaint, but it was not one. I have no objection to the general system of romance in America. And each culture appears to have a general system of romance. I suspect that I could complain about a culture that allows only for arranged marriages, or one that provides for some sexual practise that I find unacceptable (and there are some), or that young people today are not practical enough in their choice of mates, and, if I were careful enough in doing so, not engender any particularly hostile response, but merely disagreement.

Perhaps that is naive.

Carpathian is, I am assuming, a young man who is preparing for success in life. Success is defined in different ways, by different people. But we will naturally tend to respond to cultural norms when doing so - and usually to the specific milieu in which we seek success. We may object to these norms, and surely philosophical types will be likely to do so, to some extent. We may even be offended by some. But the norms are there.

While I was being somewhat flippant in my response to him, I was not being frivilous. My intent was not to offend, but to describe. I do not expect agreement. But I think that my intent was not fully understood. Perhaps it is still not understood. I can only try.


You misinterpret my post as hostile. It is not hostile to suggest that if it is not your opinion not to express it. You said that you do not make the news but only report it only then to whine later about not being allowed to express your opinion. Make up your mind.

That you speak of women as seeing men as wallets with penises is a great turn off. Why? Because it reflects that you do not value women as women. Nothing more faust. Reinforce that nonsense if you like, have any opinion on any topic that you like, I really don’t mind, but when you are called on it, take it like a man. Not a man who is a wallet with a penis.

That some women value men for their money is not a cultural issue. There are some women (I pity them) in any culture who may do that. But it is a sweeping statement which has no true basis in reality. What of the countless women who value men as people? I would posit that there are even more of those in the world. Your culture or mine.


No, but it is an extremely long river.

Oh and Faust, a little advice for dealing with LA. Just realize that everytime you have a conflict with her, it is because you are projecting. I still don’t know what that means…but I do it all the time, according to LA.

No détrop, faust is not projecting.


And here we go again… 48 hours… 4 hours of sleep in two rounds… and i got 1 more night to go… with another just 2 hours of sleep and then another examn…

This time in philosophy.
I hope i don’t drop dead.

Well, angel, I was not speaking of the world, but of america, which I stated. I also wondered if things were different where Carpathia lives. As for sweeping generalisations, I make them daily, right here on these pages.

“I do not make the news, I only report it” - that was a lighthearted response, but I will defend it as having a little more content than “stop talking shit”. I can take that like a “man”, but it wasn’t anything more than badgering on your part.

That my post was a turnoff is no concern of mine. I am truly not here to turn anyone on. Nor am I anywhere else to do so.

Everything is a cultural issue. If there are some women who fit this description, then there is a basis in reality.

I may be “projecting” in that I think that men are generally (there I go again) as shallow as women - just in a different style. Men are basically horndogs - will do most of there thinking about “romance” with there penises. Call that their head and their wallet their heart.

Always fun chatting with you.

Of course faust.


:astonished: sounds like schooling hell!