Sugar Kisses

You know what’s really cool? That we have the creative writing and visual arts forums. Makes this site a better, more interesting place. Fosters a sense of community. Allows us to enjoy each other’s “company” more broadly, more “dynamically”.

Thanks to Ben and all the contributors of these boards.


While we bicker over who is the best or most popular, let’s take a quick break and see some cool pictures and read some good poetry and be glad that so many bright and talented people show up.

Okay, I’m a little nauseous, but I got it out.

Cynicism’s always easy.

Gratitude is sometimes important.

Sharing is often difficult.

Well said, and you’re welcome. :smiley: :smiley:

I second that Faust! We are a rare bred of people on this site.

ILP is the modern day equivalent to some kind of ‘artiste/philosopher/creative’ pub-club-organisation.

Thank you all for thought provoking thoughts, great use of logic and criticism, as well as, the energy with which so many people filter their creative and intellectual potentials.

Tis greatly appreciated!

Long may we continue…

Did you happen to get the title of this thread from my sig line?
Cause that would be supah-sweet.


Of course.

So true… and so you. :slight_smile:

Does this mean that we don’t have to take ourselves seriously? I have a couple of creative advocations I take seriously, but I don’t see it as much more than serious playfulness. I don’t take myself serious inside of any of it. Is that OK?

Well, you know, Bessy, it may appear, from the majority of my posts, that I am here to criticise. But I am here to analyse. And that comes from a perspective. Perspectives can be refocused as needed.

We can, as some have for a day or so, bury our noses in that “Greatest Member” thread, or any other thread where personalities, or at least personas are examined. And we can also “take a step back” and look at this enterprise from a distance that allows us to see more of the action.

It’s like the difference between watching a soccer game on television, where the camera follows the ball over a very large field, and so leaves a lot out, and seeing the game live, where the entire flow of offense and defense is visible. (The same is true of american football, but to a somewhat lesser extent.)

One aspect of the recent criticisms of mods, for instance, that I find puzzling is that the members are watching on TV, and the mods are at the game. It’s easy enough to blame the refs - refs are clearly sometimes making a bad call - but the players are still the players.

One thing I like about this site is that it, at the same time, seeks serious and sincere discussion and a “party” atmosphere. That requires moderating with a hammer. <–That’s a Nietzsche reference. Not what you think if you don’t know the reference. Can’t top it, so I’m using it, anyway.

Tenative - this kind of comment usually engenders some sort of discussion, by me at least, about what it means to take oneself seriously. But you already know what I am going to say, so I’ll just say “yes.”

Maybe someone else will bite, and save this thread from terminal triviality.

Hi faust,

It never ceases to amaze me how I have learned to trust you all. Many of you have my address, and you are probably writing from the prison library.

One day, I go out to get my mail and… bam - you show up at my front door wanting dinner or, ah - ME… :astonished:


When I read the title “Sugar Kisses” – I had estimated that faust was going to talk about how he put small amounts of sugar on his tongue and then started to kiss someone special, licking from one side to the other, both hands on.

But it was just a way of saying thanks to Ben.


That’s a little wierd, Dan~ even for me. Even for you. But I meant to thank not just Ben, but everyone who posts on those boards.

I’m thinking about starting my own website: “I Love to Turn Everything into a Sexual Innuendo.”

Whaddya think?

I would perfer if you made a website called:
“I love to desexualize everything.”

“Wierd”…? You wouldn’t be comfortable with something like that?

Maybe if it was chocolate.

Alchemically, the mixture of intimacy with the pleasures of feeding. :sunglasses:

Don’t toy with me.

One of God’s perfect foods. Don’t believe that crap in all those health magazines. They got no soul.

Toying with a person – involves words.
Playing with them – involves actions.
IMO. <3

And playing with them sweetly involves chocolate.

Philosophy can be fun, too.

I missed this before. Hilarious. I won’t be frequenting it. I am turning over a new fig leaf this month… 8-[