suicide note

This could potentially be a work of brilliance or be just another work of of intellectual art without real substance. It’s a long read though - 1905 pages. I’d like to see what you guys think of it if you care to read any of it.

I heard about this and was SO intrigued. I have also had a similar idea to investigate Nihilism in the same way. Saying that, I haven’t heard of anybody yet who has genuinely read the whole thing, it’s so long! I got about 130 pages through I think then stopped. I stopped mainly because although it was intriguing there was nothing particularly new to me having skimmed over it. I very much doubt that he was completely in sound mind to carry out such an act, and by that I mean he was probably depressed. Having said that I haven’t read the whole thing so I could be wrong, if anybody finds anything really innovative in there please let me know! But it’s not worth reading 2000 pages of something unless you know there is some real juice in there.

As I said though, I’d love to be proved wrong.

Tried it. Read like 30 pages. Too many logical inconsistencies to continue.

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I’m not saying to discontinue this thread at all, but the thread devoted to the same subject in Philosophy went four pages, so it might be worth looking at also for all with an interest in the subject matter.

I am not sure if you could call it ‘innotative’, but he applies Nietzsche’s master/slave dialectic (unreferenced) to all historical conflicts. The master/slave dialectic becomes the motor of history.

Perhaps the greatest testimonial Heisman’s Suicide Note left behind for us to ponder over was the speed with which it was dismissed by those that did not bother to read it or in their inability to understand what little they did read found in his suicide ample reasons to discard it as “weird”.
Isn’t suicide reason enough to discard any proposition?
But for those that did “bother” and could not merely cast it aside as the creation of a troubled soul there was a world-view which through its logic and harmony exposed aspects of the human world very few can even bear to consider.