Suicide or life of toil

Suicide or life of toil

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Vote. Your choice and why?

Life of toil. What other game is there…?

[size=150]Breathless[/size], 1983. Richard Gere & Valérie Kaprisky

Monica Poiccard: Between grief and nothing, what would you choose?

Jesse Lujack: Nothing. It’s all or nothing with me babe.

Lol, I wonder if they’re going to allow that photo, Jean. Kind of stretching the boundaries, eh?

It’s an easy choice. life of toil.

With the life of toil there is a chance that you will enjoy it.

With suicide there is no chance.

(now here is how my polar opposite would answer)

With death there is no chance of hating it.

With a life of toil the odds of pain are highly likely.

so the question is what do you like more, no pain or pleasure?

Aside from that I have a rather unorthadox way of looking at human happiness.

I believe that satisfying human desire can be a good thing and a bad thing.

If you cannot fuffil your desires life will be pointless…

But if you fuffill your greatest desire you will lose your reason to live…

I see pain and pleasure as a ying yang so much that they are almost the same thing. Suicide and a life of toil doesn’t seem all that different, all it takes is alittle sense of adventure.

Dead people can’t vote.

Unless we’re talking politics which we’re not, so yeh.

What if come election day nobody voted, not even the candidates themselves…

would we all be free?

Stupid question.

Not unless it’s a rigged election.

I was talking of rigged elections…

Yeah, but hope can be a real bitch, too.
It can be used as a tool to pacify and control masses… and can make things even worse when it fails to deliver.

I mean, is it reasonable to hope for a miracle if you know you’re completely screwed? What kind of chances are we talking about?

And is this where religion comes in?

i create my own hope, only people who mortgage hope are at risk


I didn’t think that “a cance of enjoyment” qualified as a miricle.

What prompted the “completely screwed” attitude? do you have isnecurities?

religious insecurities? :laughing:

Religion can be like mortgaging hope. sometimes unsatisfactory.

sarcasm Oh, you mean like chance of winning a lotto ticket, or of having a better afterlife…or having a chance of finally enjoying your retirement by the time you’re prune-faced and wearing a diaper?
[It’s just too bad that by the time you actually retire, all of your hard earned money that you’ve been saving for decades, now has to be used to pay all of your medical bills.]

I have compassion for people who were born into and live in a life’s gutter and don’t even know it(or wnat to know it); presumably because someone is dangling shiny trinkets of hope and future “chance of enjoyment” before them. But then again, even slaves and farm animals have to be taken care of to ensure maximum yield. Forget about being exploited in every possible way you can imagine, just buy the new Ipod and drown yourself in happy music. Ah, life is good, no?

I don’t understand your question. Am I supposed to feel secure in religion? The same religion that glorifies suffering and patience and thus, also perpetuates it? Sorry, but once my body starts shutting down, I am off to Oregon for a doctor’s visit. I don’t want some stranger in a nursing home changing my diapers and telling me everything’s going to be alright.

End of rant.

(for today.)

If you feel crappy about being exploited then free yourself from exploitation and you will be happy.

i’m happy because i don;t mind being exploited.

yes that’s what religion usually does “when it comes in” i was not actually accusing you of having religious insecurities per se, just that assuming that i would use religion in the “completely fucked” scenario is unbased. i hadn’t given it a thought.

Life of toil. Because if you kill yourself, you go to hell. Then it’s an eternity of toil.

but actually the life of toil would only start your hel sooner.

i suppose its arguable that life is less toilsom than hell… so i agree.

Hell is earth, what you talking about?

No it’s not. If hell were earth, they’d be called the same thing. It doesn’t make sense to have two words for one thing. Maybe they’re close, and you can use two words to make a comparison. But they’re not the same, sorry.

Havn’t you been reading the S.O.S thread? its a metaphor! #-o

I’d rather deal directly with the objects.