Suicide or life of toil

I don’t think life is toil if I have freedom.

What if in order to maintai the freedom you have to toil?

The problem with freedom is that you can attach a value to the different levels of freedom.

infinite freedom doesnt exist ya know…

Would a delusion of freedom suffice?

I’ve never experienced any other kind so i couldn;t tell ya :laughing:

(i horde what little freedom i think i have, and even try to usurp it from others… im greedy that way.)

Here we go again. Life is shit or life is a bowl of cherries. :unamused: How about finding the middle? You do what is necessary in the present. You do the best you can with it. Let someone else keep score if that’s what they want to do. Just be and be as best you can. Nah, too simple, huh? Better to imagine a utopia and then bitch because you’ll never achieve it or suicide yourself because you didn’t get the color you wanted.

Life isn’t toil. Life is celebration. Celebration of life itself. Yeah, I know. Too easy, huh?

As Tab pointed out, the problem with life is that it’s the only game in town…

Can’t it be both?

That was the next sentence. Are you reading these posts? :-k

I reckon all you told us to do is stop worrying about it… unless you want to bring my reckoning skills into question…

Live is a pile of shit in some ways and a bowl of cherries in others. depending on the need or occasion, i am liable to use either as a description.

If you relate yourself to somebody or something, you do keep a scoreboard in the sky, whether you know it or not.

Yeah, tell it to this kid, or multitude of others who had to be born into slums.