Summer of 69

False. I appreciated my childhood memories when I had them. Same day, very next day. The older I got, the less I appreciated the memories because they were no longer compatible with my personality, I was becoming more obsessed with girls, and mentally degenerate. Unfortunately, female chemicals did not cleanse me as expected, nor cleanse me of my male degeneration, but instead inspired a kind of female degeneration, perhaps worse than the male. You can’t replace the purity, nor stupidity of a child. Though in actuality, what I said about the female chemicals was junk data, since I wasn’t supposed to take the spirolactone, no tranny is, it results in demented thinking.

However, examining the female behavoirs, they lose their purity after puberty, as do males. Both become degenerate, but in different ways.

I wouldn’t call the growth of the brain “suffering”, real suffering is constantly having never ending neurological pains, as I experienced first hand with my foot condition. That was only for a few days, imagine if it dragged on for years. That is suffering.

The other type of suffering is body trap suffering, ie. being locked in a box with noone to talk to, unable to escape your body, being trapped in it. This is different from transsexual suffering, which is rejection of your own body image, living in fantasy land and crushing of ones dreams, which is more or less the same kind of suffering males experience when they are rejected by a girl they love.

A simple thing was never appreciated in itself … Has your extreme childhood loneliness convinced you that you appreciated the memory of the moment in real time, little sister?..

The growth of the brain was referring to the internal contemplation of the organism self- consciousness in relation to existence ALSO including the physical pain being processed, that’s not to say that a child cannot suffer greatly due to physical pain, but if you told a child she had terminal cancer and explained what that meant it wouldn’t be processed the way an adult brain would process it.

I appreciated the moment in real time, dear sister. I never fawned over my lonely moments, not even in memory, unless the lonely moments were filled with activity, and so thus were not lonely but entertaining, such as nostalgic childhood computer entertainment, raptor, pinball, mario, time crisis, word process, rodents revenge, heretic, jet fighter II, long winded car rides, etc, good times were had.

Perhaps the children playing outside thought that all those computer games turned you into a monster, sweetheart?

As far as your foot condition, well, I am in physical pain almost every other day, I work out. Having the muscle fibers tear and recovery process is insanely painful, but me being me, I enjoy the pain…always have…when i was a child and developed a bruise from falling down, i use to press it and it hurt…the pain was so pleasurable to me. i loved it. I was fascinated by the healing process of a cut…the blood, the stinging…i use to taste my own blood…it was a pleasing taste… the only other pain i have experienced outside of working out, is a bad stomach…one you get from eating and then laying down, and going to sleep immediately afterwards…in morning, the pain is ridiculous…the type of pain that i struggle to enjoy, the type of pain that will have you chanting “this too shall pass” as my forehead sweats… it doesn’t last too long as the body pushing the non digested food out the body, it lasts around 1 min, could be more if you need to take multiple trips to the toilet…but even then after every excretion follows an immediate relief… it’s only happened a few times to me as i have figured out a way to stop it from happening, as i am terrible for waking up at an early hour for a snack and then going back to sleep, if i lay down and curl my knees/legs up into a ball shape…the food digests as normal :sunglasses:

Kurt Cobain had a stomach condition which he used heroin to medicate it, it wouldn’t surprise me that contributed greatly to his suicide…with that said, i’m almost never ill, at least traditionally…perhaps slightly mentally, but that has nothing to do with me though…

Its all a point of view. See to me, monsters are the good guys. Frankenstein was a monster, he was a good guy. Darth Vader was a monster, he was a good guy. Watching documentaries and raptor taught me things. See, to a cow, I’m a hero, a hero of nature. If you hate humans, you are a monster, but also a good guy monster.

That’s retarded, don’t do that. If your muscles hurt that much you are probably doing it wrong, your muscles shouldn’t hurt that much. If we ever do meet I’d like you to be strong for me, as opposed to damaged muscles.

Also, I do not fully believe your childhood pain stories, I have a sneaking suspicion they are false memories, exaggerations, or trolling, or a mix of all 3. Though to add flame to the fire, I will mention a story about how I fell off a metal slide and landed on my head, despite blood everywhere I immediately climbed back up the ladder and got back on the slide.

Certain types of pain is good, it’s natural. The muscles recover from the damage as they repair they become stronger. I shouldn’t have to explain this obviousness. Please don’t preach pettiness of extremeness. Although, over training can lead to permanent damage, yes…but i know what i am doing.

Why would they be false memories, exaggerations or trolling? That’s a bizarre reply… the things i mentioned are the incredibly light side of my childhood…it borders on normal…just like when a kid puts his hand in boiling hot bath water to see how long he can keep under for…

Similarly, I jumped on a wet metal slide, slipped and hit it face first…I also got knocked out by a swing by walking in front of it accidentally…a strange thought occurred the moment it happened, just before i passed out, falling backwards i thought i was at the edge of a cliff, laying really close to the edge…

Cliffs are demonic.
Oceans, waves, rivers and seas are also demonic.

No, definitely trolling, or mental confusion here.

You said that your muscles tearing was “insanely painful.” Then you say that you enjoy pain, a lot. So if someone who enjoys pain, says something is “insanely painful”, it implies that is is “insanely painful”. Yet then you claim that this is part of the natural process of body building…
I will claim your mental confusion is due to your own womanly essence, it is in your nature to be contradicting to yourself.

Most kids don’t enjoy papercuts, my dad cries when he has one. You claim that as a child, you like the way it stings, but bodybuilding for you is “insanely painful.” I call hogwash, and trolling. How did you get knocked out from a swing? Was someone on the swing, I presume? Was the tire made out of metal?

Water is only demonic if your personality is demonic. Why do cliffs feel demonic to you?

I can understand how that may have come across as confusing,…

“insanely painful” was referring to the depth of pain, in terms of painfulness. Initially, i could say, the first stages can be somewhat uncomfortable, but the pleasure of it starts to kick in…i dunno, they seem both the same to me at times.

I never said a papercut, but it still applies… That type of cut is easier to enjoy as it is skin deep, but i guess it depends on where it is though…muscle tearing pain is more internal, so way more painful. How can you understand if you don’t work out, hun?

Yeah, my mother said a girl was on the swing, and when it hit me she jumped off quickly and ran away because she thought she would get in trouble…it wasn’t a tire, just a normal seat…i don’t know what it was made out of, i doubt it was metal…perhaps had metal, rubber, and hard plastic parts…

Cliffs are demonic, oceans even more so… i dunno they just are! When I stand next to them they have a evil presence perhaps something to do with the looming structure, but with oceans it’s the vibe, the waves, the sounds…it’s all evilness.

Good vibrations versus - in my room. How is that for being cryptic? Or, drove my Chevy to the levy, and the levy was dry, cause MacArthur park is melting in the rain.

It is
the shedevil you fear, mother nature herself. It is to what Jack Nicholson refers as the “dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight.”

I used to work out as a kid, and i wouldnt have described it as insanely painful, I fear you are doing it wrong and damaging your tendons. My foot pain was insanely painful, it mixed up the pains tough it was like a random grab pain of pain, sometimes burning, sometimes tingling, sometimes swelling, sometimes numb, sometimes achey, or a mix of all 5 at once, it was a pain bonanza, and I didn’t like it.

Numbing and aching pain are the least enjoyable, if at all…

when i was a teenager I was riding my bmx bike with a friend, we were going somewhere outside the city to pick something up for his stupid dad, we past loads of cliffs and oceans, when i seen it i felt sick, kind of dizzy, like my sound slight went out and i would just stare at the cliffs in a hypnotic demonic effect on me…

Go to Poetry Soup. com and check out my poem “Bear Creek '98”. It captures most of what was going on in the 60s. I’m listed there as Jerrell Jones. One verse of the poem is included in my “Hunger” thread in the religion and spirituality forum.

I was 27 going on 17 in the summer of 69. Please read my poem. It covers everything from the hippie lifestyles to the political backlash. I remember “4 Dead in Ohio”. I was working on my thesis at Kent State about that time. Luckily I was not there the day of the shootings.

Nice. The Kent State shooting is still mind blowing, today.

I visited the Kent State site of the shootings last year. Still I can’t see shooting rock throwing kids. I have relatives who believe the kids got what they deserved! The poem mentioned above attempts to describe all that was going on in the 60s.
It relies on song parodies and folk and rock rhythms. I think it has expressed most of the ideas posted here and more. Examples of the parodies are those of “Judy in the Skies with Diamonds”, “Miss American Pie”, “The Adams Family”,
"Lions and Tigers and Bears (Wizard of Oz), Mercedes Benz, Alice’s Restaurant, etc.
It mentions Rubin, Hoffman, Pigpen, Keysey, the Mitchells, Daly, Rhodes, Berrigans, Smothers, Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison, Hells Angels, Slick (Grace), Garcia, etc.
It’s very thorough. Please read the poem. It’s described as a folk rock, blues symphony.

No. Not in the summer of 1969. Be honest! I guess that you were born in 1976 when Frank Zappa published his “Zoot Allures” :wink:

For gods sake man they’re lyrics to a song… that song by bryan adams or whoever it was.

I thought zoot allures was released in 75. If im wrong and youre right, you are the first person to ever know something about FZ that I dont.

my god.

Youre right. 1976.

Thank you.