Super Powers

This is a weird question but do you think in the future we could genetically engineer humans to have amazing powers? A bit like the X-mens mutant powers?

fuck it, what superpower would you want? and You can only have one. No wishing for the power to make more powers.

I would definitely want to control the weather. Shit yeah

Super-power, huh?


Out of all the possibilities, there is only one that I have an immense desire to have.

That is the ability to turn into Vomit.

I run at an individual, leap into the air, yell out “Vomit Activate!” and ‘BAM!’, I’ve turned into an explosion of regurgitation and have slathered my enemy in my filth. Hooray.

Then of course I can regather my vomit particles, much like the T2000.

My sworn enemy is “Mulch-Man”. His absorbent properties are deadly.

There you have it. Disgusting or just plain AWESOME? You tell me.

if i wanted to be solid i would have the super power to control time but i would most want to create and control magnetic fields like magneto. that shit is the bleepin bomb

funny very damn funny. Actually Mulch man is not your enemy. he is the enemy of Weed Girl. SawDust man is your enemy

That’s a strange fantasy you have Zachariah. Maybe I suggest you fecal sex. (also because you like A)

I would like to fly. Not with any equipment, but as in my dreams, just with wanting to. How could this be possible? Denying gravity? Using airflow? With the power of my mind? Anybody heard of levitation? Nah, going of topic here, no need for genetic engineering here.

Genetic engineering could extent or bodily capablities, maybe to a level which is amazing, but to superpowers, logically no. That step would be to big.

Hermes: Thanks for the clarification! It’ll be helpful when I come across Saw-Dust Man in the future.

::runs off to whoop on Mulch-Man::

I would want to be a polymorph. Much like the cartoon version of BeastBoy. He can aquire tons of mass in an instant! Yeah. Or whaever they can work out.

I would definetely choose the ability of superhuman speed or the ability to turn invivsible. Now hell yeh that would be cool.

No one could pin you down unless with sonic projectors or thermal imaging. But how many people wander around town carrying those?

quite a lofty question, but there can be only one true answer. and that answer would be: absolute control over all that is wicked awesome. I can’t even begin to describe what such a massively unprecidented ability would result in, only that it would truly be wicked awesomeness incarnate. being able to mold all of that true wicked awesomeness, man, that’d be great…