Superiori/inferiori relationship between DNA lifeforms.

Cat intelligence analyzed - Cat seems to recognize doornob, and that it must be moved in some way to accomplish the function of opening door. Cat cannot reach doorknob by jumping, either cat is too lazy to move furniture to door to climb up it, or cat cannot be fucked.

We like DNA lifeforms which are in a range. For example, we find cats cuddly, but not mice, because mice are way too inferior to us.
Same with black comedy…we enjoy black comedy because even though it talks about inferior concepts, we enjoy them the same way we enjoy cats.
We do not enjoy certain things…for example we don’t like hipsters and yuppies on TV, we hate watching them on TV, even though the white concepts might have greater intellects than the black concepts, and uncanny valley is reached.

Good to see someone who can actually write as a unique individual on occasion.

Black comedy is funny and does have superior concepts.

Such as?

Bernie Mac, he makes jokes about family, and kids.

This pertains to ultimate things, how?