Superposition and alternate reality.

Tell me if I’m jumping in the crazy pool here. But I haven’t heard this idea yet, suppose the following . . .

(1) Alternate possibilities. Suppose there are instances everywhere of alternate possibilities.

(2) Parralel universes. If we can believe in alternate possibilities, it’s not a much further leap to assume that all of it does happen. We remember only one of those possibilities because we can’t really exist in all of those possibilities at once. We’re stuck in one of them.

(3) Blur between parralel universes. Suppose further that, as all of these alternate realities do happen, and seeing as the universe doesn’t seem so “uniform” as we learn more and more, then alternate possibilities could also be “messy” at branching. In fact, alternate possibilities mingle together before they branch off.

In assuming these three suppositions, we can imagine that we don’t see a lot of significant alternate possibilities. We don’t see ourselves rich and famous while we’re poor and alone, because that possibility has branched too far away. --however-- we do see the nuances of reality branching off in the form of particle superpositions. That is: A particle branching off into all the different places it can go at once, before it fades into only one particle, or many at a low frequency. Our awareness of these specific particles would affect these possible realities. So its behaviour changes with our awareness, because its future changes with our awareness as well.

We can also imagine that the superpositions are a little stranger in the manner of free electrons or photons, as they can move quickly and erratically- producing many more possibilities than particles such as neutrons.

Such a universe could offer maybe some explaination if we do indeed ever have precognition, esp, or other phenomena.

Perhaps the universe evolves.

I strongly belive in a parralel universes. I think that the future is set for us maybe not the little things that occur inside the main events i.e deja vu. I think it is possible to change your future or destiny, if you will by making a large lifechangeing change in your life.

In Infinate space, everything must occur somewhere.

Have you ever herd of the Quantum Eraser? Also you need to get the “Parallel Universe’s” issue of popular science. It will explain everything you are talking about.

I think my signature sums it up for me.

There’s a philosopher named David Lewis who has written some stuff about “possible worlds” you might google him and check some of him stuff out.