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I used to be superstitious. Not actively superstitious mind you, just mildly. I wasn’t sure whether ghosts existed or not. When went to sleep at night I would hide in my covers, not because I knew there were ghosts in our house, but, what if there were? What proof had I that they didn’t? Just because they hadn’t come before didn’t mean they wouldn’t come tonight! And it was better to be safe than sorry.
Late at night I would hear scary sounds. Creaking, rustling, bumping. Though these things had simple, more down-to-earth explanations (most of it was caused by the furnace preparing to switch on and off), I was still somewhat afraid. The same reasoning applied: although I truly believed that the sounds were caused by the furnace, it would be better to be safe just in case they aren’t. And at that time, safe meant hiding under my covers.
I was also afraid of bad people breaking in at night, saying “Bloody Mary” in front of mirrors (she’ll come and chop of your head, or something), breaking mirrors (7 years bad luck), and thinking bad thoughts. Ha ha! Funny now, but these were possibilities back then. Very unlikely, but possible.
Later, I stopped being scared of these things. They were having a negative impact. I tried to sleep under the covers, but the air under there had circulated through my toes many times and was not very pleasant to breathe. I made small forays, sticking my nose out into the nice, cool, open air. It was somewhat crisp in comparison to the stale toe-jam air I was finally tiring of. At last, I popped my head out so that I could see, and, lo and behold, there weren’t any visible ghosts about. With this knowledge I fell asleep, and eventually was not scared of the dark.
Now, as I look back, this story is interesting to me. I thought there could be spirits about, so I hid under the covers. This made it even more probable that there were ghosts, because then I couldn’t visually disprove them. I found myself in a hole and kept digging.

I’m surprised the FSM allowed this post to be made! :wink:

Yes . . . but would I have been looking for a metaphor had you not asked about it? I’m not sure. Which is not to say I wouldn’t have been, but not to say that I would have either.

Cool. This wasn’t that good, I should’ve just told the story, but I say a metaphor and said “Hey, this has meaning, I’ll do everything I can to make it show!” and so emphasized some parts and left out others. Darn me.