Surfing (like in the ocean on a board)

Anyone here surf at all? I’ve got a vacation coming up with a friend who likes to surf. I’m basically looking for someone to make it easy for me, and show me someplace online where I can get good info on where to take this girl. I’m hitting 4 islands in the Carribean, Grand Turk, The Dominican Republic, Curacao and Aruba.

Help me out here people. I don’t wanna spend all day looking and only find crappy little waves.

How about take her to a small restaurant and then for a stroll afterwards in a park so she can like you for you and not for the money you got and what you can bribe her with for sex.

Dude this chick makes like 3 times as much money as me. She just likes to surf. She goes to Hawaii and shit and has a timeshare someplace in Mexico where she surfs there too. Plus we’re gonna be gone probably 2 weeks so there’s plenty of time for restaurants and all. I’m trying to book a submarine thing where I go like 5 miles out and 150 or so feet down to all these coral reefs and fish and all. It’s gonna blow my mind man.

Plus I’m not even really for real trying to have sex with her. I just got out of a relationship that was 4.5 years long. So there’s hoochies all around. This girl is more a friend of mine who I decided to book a trip with and have been spending more time around. I’d let it escalate if she wanted it to, but I’m not trying to initiate a new relationship, and it’d be wrong to treat a non-slut like a slut, (unless she gets drunk and asks you to).

I dont sleep with drunk women, they need to be sober with eyes wide open. I give them forwarning of this as well. Not much point to sex these days unless there is a sensual as well as psycho-sexual balance struck that leads to a opening of i.terpersonal bonding. I dislike to admit it, but in regards to women, I become a much better friend after sex. Like, a actual platonic friend after that time together.

Not really interested in a one night stand in the age of abortion and automated child care reductions. Just not my style. I.know on the one hand, the end aim of reproduction is very unlikely, and on the other… We’re not gonna get married, even if I propose, and babymama is gonna tap my butt for payments for 18 years while seeing a army of men, fucking and having more and more babies, keeping me dirt poor single.

Naw. If I am going to.have sex, I want a connection, I want to always remember it, and her me, and if something happens, such as a pregnancy, so be it… We shared something good and meaningful, and I will accept being with or near such a person offering my love and support.

Most women these days are not worth the latter though. I couldnt begin to bother with them. Nitwits.

…so…do you know any good surfing spots then?

Yes, now I do.

Man I’m just a slut sometimes. It doesn’t make me a bad person really.

So what do you know about surfing spots man? Where should I go?

It’s quite simple. It’s a island, figure out on any island which side the ocean current hits, and head to that side. Here in Oahu, the North Shore is the best, while the south shore where I am at Waikiki and Honolulu blows. Look at the water- if it’s flat buy brown, it means it has large coral mats in it, and this will slow the waves down considerably as they approach. Where you see the water lighten in turning a blue green, that’s where the fucking shit is. Each island typically has a road going AROUND the island. You cruise around it UNTIL you see that color of water I mentioned, as well as waves with white crests on top. If you see a beach shower, even better.

You can choose to

  1. have a driver- the best, as he’ll guard the vehicle and make sure your stuff won’t be stolen.
  2. hotel on the beach… second best, if it’s a tourist resort surrounded by other tourist resorts, there will be a surf boarding lessons and rental shop right there. However, there is some serious suntan lotion film floating on the surface of the water infront of any hotel- as big as any ocean is, it’s a sickness that seems to sling to these locations. Secondly, these beaches fucking SUCK as it’s meant more for waddlers, and have artificial reefs built off of them to slow the waves down so thunderthighs and waddle around in the surf and pretend they are experiencing nature on a almost certainly artificial beach… which also means check with the hotel and make sure they are not doing maintenance on the after Christmas rush on the beach. Here in Waikiki, half the beach is dug up, exposing a massive sea wall as new sand is being brought in, and there is a massive dredger off shore setting up the new reef… sucks for the vacationers, but the dumb fucks deserve the disappointment for vacationing in such pathetic, artificial and pre packaged circumstances.
  3. Rent a car and have your stuff stolen while your in the water, if you lock the doors and close the windows, it will still be stolen. You will need car insurance.
  4. Hire a tour group. You two won’t be the only once, but it will be assured, safe, and she won’t look down on you if she lives in Hawaii, it’s fairly common here.
  5. Get a bicycle and have the surfboard attached to the side on hooks specially designed for this at the bicycle shop and ride to the beach. Don’t let the board out of your sight though, things are expensive. She will not have sex with you as this is cheap, and will tire her out, and will dramatically restrict the area you can visit.

So… check the direction the current is hitting the island in particular you want to do this on, and look for one of the options above to fit that. If your hotel or cruise ship is near it, you can wing it with a rental, if it is not, you gotta join a tour group or rent a vehicle capable of getting you out there.

I swallowed so much water today snorkling during high tide that I vomited into m snorkle in very deep water while getting hit by a very close and fast sequence of waves. That was a bad snorkling spot, but good for surf boarding. I think I might of been body surfing for a moment there… i was not in the water, then I was laying on very painful coral with exposed sea urchins around me, then I floating again, screaming ‘shit, shit, shit’ every other breath. Can’t wait till next sunday to do it again.

You forgot to put dude on the end of the Title. I fixed it sorta.

Surfing is as much about actually surfing as talking about surfing, if you don’t know the terminology then people will think you are an idiot. My friend for example has convinced several surfers that he is a bona fide wavemeister just by knowing the parlance. He doesn’t surf and never intends to. I know most surfers aren’t rocket scientists but still. It does beg the question why you would want to convince people you can do something you can’t. What can I say… Except radical dude, or some such gibberish. :slight_smile:

I’m not going surfing. I don’t swim, or go into bodies of water. Maybe on a boat, but not just a board. So I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. I’m just saying a friend of mine likes to surf, and we’re going to some islands and shit. I’ll probably just go to some place and get a little map w/ surf spots and then go to one or three. Dude.

My aversion to bodies of water equals, if not surpasses yours, I’m sure.

I swim like a dolphin these days, but I must admit such an ability to go further than the shallow end, beach or pool takes much time. This is a healthy fear, you can drown in deep water, no I kid you not you can. What probably makes you able to cope is swimming like a seal, glistening in the sun as you crest each wave like an Adonis and impressing the ladies, and men of course who are your rivals.

Takes a damn long time though to get over the fear that your feet can’t touch the bottom and it is an endless chasm of doom. Trust me on that. :blush:

I’m a pretty good swimmer. I don’t like the thought of being in bodies of water where other people may have urinated or defecated. I won’t even take a bath, don’t see the point because you are wallowing in your own filth, showers only, for me.

Ahhh well in that case you’re screwed.

Me three… the thought of open water and a strong current is truly anxiety-causing for me.

Sorry to hear about the end of your last relationship Smears (I mean dude :smiley: ) but Do have fun in the sun :slight_smile:

Doesn’t your town like, flood all the time in the spring Pav? You need to do what Weirton did and build a big ass 30 foot hill of slag between your town and the river. We’re the only river town along the Ohio to totally disregard the river… been that way forever cause of the indian raids and Detroit laying siege to the town (fucking detroit). Even the Mingo village in town was on the land side of marland heights where the football hill is, they didn’t like the river either. I think the first structure we built along the river was a fort, and it was mostly to blast people out of the water as they went by, as that better fit our asshole MO, but most of out forts in Weirton were inland. Even during the Siege of Fort Henry when we had to send a army south to save you guys, we choose to walk two days instead of floating easily down the river… our colonel even had to jump off a massive cliff on a horse… how determined they were not to get wet. There’s a reason why most of the bridges across the ohio till you hit cincinnati is in weirton… we don’t like that damn river… don’t want to chance it… we have five, one rail, two public streetcar, one commercial, and one toll. Think there is another commercial one in Follansbee. No one can equal us in this. We fucking hate that wet thing.

Update…I’m now in the process of putting together another trip. I’m trying to go to Spain in June.

We’ve got a hook up to where she can trade her timeshare time in Cozumel for a week at other timeshares across the Earth.

She’s never been to Europe, she can’t go by herself, and she’s yet to find a man with the means to accompany her.

SO…we’ve got some options. We’re debating whether to go to an area near a major city, or to the southern coast and just do the beach thing.

I know nothing about Spain. I don’t even know what it’s shaped like, (I am an American you know).

Anyone got any tips or advice? City? Or country? Any shit in particular worth seeing there?

Is there a part of the country that’s known for having lots of good weed?

Just shooting in the dark here people.

I presently live a pretty good distance from the river. I have a stream that runs through my property and is one of the starting points of Ohio’s Wheeling Creek (Not to be confused with Big Wheeling Creek, in WV), but the worst that does is occasionally gets into the detached garage if the run-off becomes too great. It doesn’t get anywhere near the house or attached garage.

Pav, you need to start off in Gibraltar, where they speak ENGLISH and are a English colony, and then hop on a ferry over to Ceuta so she can visit the spanish city there across the water in AFRICA. It’s NATO protected, so it’s not risky- it’s a very european area. Lot’s of water, two continents. You can also head up into Grenada and visit the Alhambra, not too far away, or work your way up the coast up through Valencia up to Barcelona. Stay away from major transportation hubs, such as train stations (hence why I said bus), or better, rent a vehicle. You’ll need a international driver’s license for that. Castile sucks balls… all hotness and the keep the suck on tap 24/7. Portugal is a coastline hog keeping all the best shoreline, so my route is the best, unless you wanna hang in the Bay of Biscay, where the water is less than awesome.