My surname is double-barelled (great!)

hine - stock peasant from 15th(ish) century drama. great.

Allen - derived from “Alain” a long long time ago… Damned French bastards, they get everywhere!

Mac Neice - meaning “son of” (the Mac bit), and “Angus” (the Neice bit), the name goes back to Mac Nassur clan (i spelt it phoenetically cos hell knows how it spelt), this goes back to Cra-who-er (phoetically again), who was a cheiftan, and there is a whole legend about him, or something to that effect. (it’s spelt Neice because all Irish names had to be Anglofied, so as a last act of defiance it was misspelt, and i DO intend upon de-Anglofying it, someday). christ i bore even myself

Mine (Wright) just means I make stuff.(Wheelwright, etc). Everyone in America seems to be a Wright … i reckon the only thing they make is pies though. I hate my surname. My favourite surname is Freeman I think.

My first name means Power to the People though … safe

my first name (amelia) means … labour. i sense a theme. however, amy means loved

and clarice means brilliance so nyah.

jane just made me look up what her name means … and it means “god’s gift”. heh, she wishes

I have a mug that says Ben means Blessed, but in Hebrew “ben” means “son of” and “benjamin” means “son of the right”. Not too sure what that means but it sounds good.

daniel - God judges - hebrew
james - gift of God
Cooper - barrel maker

how interesting i am sure you’ll agree!


i could have guessed

actual meaning of ben =
‘son of my right hand’ which means favourite son… and as you are your dads only son… this doesnt cause problems!

Charlotte = feminine / womanly [hahaha]
Victoria = victorious [what a surprise]
Fay = Faery

i am a feminine and victorious faery. woopTdoo

i didnt know Aggarwal meant that!! I thought it was a derivation of the name meaning people from Agra.
Who told you it meant “of light”?

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my surname - miles - is derived from the latin word for soldier, so my ancestors were all in the roman army. hurrah.
however, my birth mum’s surname is smith…which is nice and common, and my dad’s is something eastern eurpoean…which is nice and foreign. two things i’m not too fond of at the moment.

and, on another note, never go to berlin. it is the most horrible place i have ever been, and i live near feltham.
just a word of warning.

I was in berlin last summer and I thought it was a great city. The streets are clean and the trains all run on time. And they had ‘SexyLand’ there, which was a real treat. What more can you want from a city?

Berlin has very amusing sex shops. Ben d’ya remember it…the moan from that booth…the cum on the screen…the ridiculously large dildos? How funny it all was!

perhaps it’s nicer in the summer. it was just very flat, very blank and very dead. it seemed like its history was stuck to the buildings and i just didn’t like it.

but we didn’t get a chance to sample the sex shops, so maybe we missed out on a good thing there.

Germany’s a hole. Ugly country, ugly language, HIDEOUS food, and they definitely take sport too seriously. But I’ll forgive them because they make all the beer and coz they’re wicked with science and stuff.

JJ- short for John - god is gracious- James -a supplanter? - junior (self explanatory)

MacLean- son of the servant of St John

JJ MacLean- ‘God is a gracious (junior) supplanter of sons of the servant of St John’

Also: Germany- nice place- trees, mountains, rivers, estate cars.
The language really isn’t all that different to English.
Terrible beer.
What’s everyone’s take on Lichtenstein?