has always been
the more fitting prospect for you,

rather than notching your belt
in a show of power
to calm your
darkest fears and
show yourself how grand
you really are.

It’s not the way they do it,
and you sometimes wonder
if you were born on the
wrong side.

Or maybe you’re just able
to better reach
through the wall.

Much more alluring, it is,
though the
opportunities wane –
the list of vanquishers
smaller than the potential

until the one –
as she has
since the beginning
of time.

If you care to answer.


But we don’t answer. It’s just too damned hard…

It’s not hard. It’s easy when you want to.

Yes, one moment you aren’t and the next moment you are…

But the hard part is believing in one’s self enough to step into the nothingness. Fear keeps most imprisoned in being as, never to just be.


A square peg in a world of round holes? :wink:

Personally I feel that it’s not about believing in oneself really. It’s letting go all the attachments that prevent us from answering.

I don’t think that rainey (or the character in his piece) is either a square peg or a round hole. I think he is pure spirit. He can be a square peg or a round hole, or anything else. Really, he is quite free.

Part of me wants to comment but I reckon sometimes the author should just step aside.

Interesting takes. I thank you both.

I love your exploration.

I love that you don’t say everything. That you leave that for the reader.


Thanks for exploring with me, angel.