Survival Without Truth. The existence of aimless relativity.

Why is it that people make statements such as, that people and indeed all of civilization itself cannot exist without clinging onto some form of truth?

Why do people need truth? Why do people need truth to survive?

Why can’t people survive without truth?

Does truth really exist? I submit that truth is nothing more than a vague notion of individual interpretation.

What exactly is “wrong” with the realism that we all live in a universe guided by aimless relativity?

Why is it that all of religion, philosophy, and indeed all our science condemn a universe guided by aimless relativity as a existence of “sin” or “condemnation”?

Why must people need any truth to cling onto?

The problem I have with ‘aimless relativity’ is arbitrariness. If life is arbitrary, then I don’t see it as meaningful. If life isn’t meaningful, then there’s no reason to live and survive. The problem then is that my instincts drive me to survive in the face of death–but why? In this way, I feel that life is trying to tell me something, that maybe life isn’t arbitrary.

Just maybe

Why must there be, a why?

Why must there be universal purpose or meaning in a absolute sense?

Is it so hard to believe that the cosmos is infact the absence of these things?

Is it so hard to believe that the cosmos is arbitrary in that it only has meaning when we subjectively give it one?

Yet this maybe is illusive. It is unknowable and unexpirienced. Why bother?

How can one be obligated by somthing that is unknowable and unexpirienced?

The purpose of the cosmos seem to be to create order out of chaos. Unfortunately by creating order for us we need to create chaos for others until we can absorb them to our way of thinking. So there’s been this tugging back and forth of order/chaos for billions of years now and it’s down to one species left so we’ve made some progress in all that time.

Cosmic order is unknowable and unexpirienced to prying mortal eyes.

Do you really know anything beyond your interpretations of things?

Does the cosmos acknowledge your interpretations or do they just remain in you through fanaticism alone?

We have the distinct privilege of being able to acknowledge our own interpretations of the cosmos.

Privilege? How? What does privilege mean?

What makes it distinct or privileged? …Just another relative interpretation…

The privilege known as might makes right. :smiley:

I have often wondered why the answer, “I dont know” isn’t sufficient enough for almost all questions. If you were drilled on the truth of the matter at hand, the person saying “I dont know” would be seen as being difficult and stubborn. The phase, “I dont know” is about as accurate a statement as has even been uttered from human mouth. Why, then, does it not suffice?

Is it that humans crave substance, no matter how invented or imagined the so-called truth is? Without truth, would the agreement on the value of money disappear? What do you think, Joker.

Well if that is the case all one has to do is kill another’s interpretations of things through arms. :stuck_out_tongue:

Viva La Revolution.

Without truth many of our conventional approaches to existence would fall into oblivion, not just money alone.

One could say that the very fabric of our existence would infinitely regress unto zero upon the awakening of the absence of all truth in the cosmos.

Truth, today has become religious and god like in our world. Without it, in our empires of civilization everything would crumble.

Is it any wonder why all religions,idealisms,metaphysics, governments, philosophies, and sciences cling to the concept of “truth” so viciously?

It is all about control and the manipulation of all traveling information. It is all about the will to power.

Truth is the great fabricated gateway which monopolizes all of life and existence.

We need truths in order to have society. We all need some things we can agree on. Society can not exist in chaos.

You haven’t adequately explained as to why we need truth though.

Why not? Why is that?


Because with common truths we can form common rules which each can abide by. Without law there’s chaos. We each can’t live only by our own rules because we’ll be impinging on each other.

Wow. So what? Why should they be revered?


People impinge on each other with rules. Your not making any sense, mate. :laughing:

Yeah but as bad as it is now it’ll be mega times worse with no group rules.

Not really. Everything that has happened in the era of limitless freedom throughout history in the past is still repeating in our limited present enviroment through morality under different labels and disguises.

Nothing is changing except for the appearances we cleverly represent ourselves within whether they be ideals, morals or legislative entitled rights.

Why can’t you accept a cosmos without aims? Seriously, why? :confused:

The cosmos does have aims, we’re living proof of it. And I would rather have more to trust than just people’s morality, thank you.

If or when a person does not see the world as a true event, as a truth, and within the contexts of stable, predictable, semi-absolute truths, - if he does not see that projected logic and reason, he will then see the world all as unknowable random chaos. But, no matter how he looks at it all, it’s still the same old world, isn’t it?

Therefor, without sense-stability oriented mental projections of trueness, or with it, either way, the world is still the same.

With or without truth, there would still be neither logical meanings, nor would there be meaningless random chaos.
Instead, there would be the interaction of force. Most of the universe can quite easily exist without any sort of ideas in it, that it does not have to believe in anything before it can be real. Because the cosmos already-is, it does not have “necessity”. It’s already moving, so it doesn’t need to push itself along with some complicated and odd form of necessitation.

Reality already exists without the need for the feeling that things are true. Reality exists largely without feelings or ideas.

Now that is all plainly obvious, that no matter what a person thinks, the world isn’t being pushed around by his own thoughts. Therefor his thoughts are his own interpushing inside of his existence. Truth and lies came about just like hands and feet came about in human existence. If the human mind could not say “yes” to what it feels and experiences, it would not feel that its own process was real or true. “That’s true”, as a response, is allot like saying “yes” on some level to an experience. Such affirmation keeps one’s mind bound to belief, it’s a way that the mental substances and forces keep themselves inside of their own structures. So, “trueness” as a mental feeling-process, is also structural internalization. That internalization makes concentration, mental potency, and enough energy so that the immediate feeling of a real event, is a concentrated electrical force, flowing over one’s body and causing response.

If there was no feeling that a real event was happening, there would be no concentration of energy, no constant “yes” which binds and accumulates mental force. The primordial feeling of belief exists even in the animals whom have no logic, because their bodies are still responsive to sensory ‘events’.

Through the bonds and attractive accumulations of affirmation, a portion of thought-power is gathered. When something completely captivates and controls your own mind, that whole system of mental energy is felt as a completely and totally true realness. But if this one type of energy is loosened and made weak somehow, whatever it was controlling and influencing begins to react to, and follow alternative forces, and either grow or dissolve out in new directions. So, the feeling of absolute truth would prevent growth, whereas a bit of doubt helps the mental hardware stay soft and change.

Between the chemistry of the constraining and affirmative force, and then also the liberating neutralizing force, changes and sustainments of the mental forces are basically practiced. The process of the feeling of truth is not mainly about knowledge or truth at all, but instead is about the behavioral and living results of energetic types of force.

anybody looking to gain a foothold on truth? anybody looking to get a monopoly on truth? Haha, ingnore me.