Sweat shops and cheap labour

Health care in this country is greed centered for several reasons, all related to government.

Malpractice insurance is gov’t controlled.
Medical records are required.
Claims must be filed.
Medicare only pays part of what he bills.
Insurance companies discount his billings, too.

Doctors are so expensive not so much because of greed, but because of all the other things he must do besides treat patients.

If you want to improve health care eliminate rules, don’t add more.

Believe me quacks will be quickly exposed, malpractice will result in loss of practice for the practitoner, or worse.

Central planning failed in the USSR, and works poorly in Cuba, central planning will have even less chance in Amerika.

Business is how folks survive, you eat because you sell your labor to whomever pays you for it.

A doctor is no different, they just gross so much that they pad the bill to up their net proffits.

If I grossed $100,00 in billings, I’d sure like to keep $40,000 of it, and Uncle George is gonna get his 35%, so that has to be added in to office calls too.

Then, he’s spent 10 years and $80,000 in student loans that have to be paid, all while paying a mortgage and raising a family.

There is alot more to health care than just popping out new rules.

The solution is in more freedom, not less.

anarchistangel, you aren’t getting my point…

reply to this point: the only voice the people have in the laws, policies, and actions taken on them that affect their lives are those that they are able to vote on or otherwise take civic action on.

if laws and policies such as healthcare/insurance policies are dictated by ceo’s and shareholders and for the objective of profit, THE PEOPLE have no say in the policies that do, in fact, in a very major way, affect their lives and, yes, their rights.

what are we going to do? boycott medicine until we die?

not all services improve for anyone but the rich when they are taken away from the people and given to the businessman.

i’m not talking about whether or not the government is efficient. i agree completely that there is a lot of room for reform in the government in terms of efficiency.

i’m talking about DEMOCRACY. i’m talking about the right to choose the policies that affect your life

i am, in fact, talking about INCREASING freedom, not “imposing rules”.

Voting is not the only voice people have, they vote with their feet and wallets everyday.

Medicine is screwed up when more people than you and your doctor are involved.

Why are all the mom and pops gone and walmart taking over? Folks chose the better deal.

When people tire of being herded into groups and start paying their own bills, instead of wanting something for nothing, then, and only then, will health care improve.

No amount of political wrangling will help, that’s what screwed it up to start with, though eliminating rules would be a political act, the last one.

The political system set up the Insurance scam to benefit the shareholders and politicos far more than the patient.

The only reason it has survived this long is that the industry finally paid enough money to control the rule making boards. (Each state has their own.)

This is why they increasingly bulldog their way past paying their obligations.

And if you think your vote matters.

How many South American dictators did you chose to send your 30% to?
Next time can I have it?

How many policies did you vote on this week?

I’m with ya, Molelove, but I’ve lost all faith in a system that violates so many of my “god given” “rights”.

anarchistangel & molelove both make valid points.

If I understand you correctly, molelove, when dealing with life sustaining and “life or death” issues, the laws of supply and demand tend to get skewed and can break down completely. This is especially true of working class people. Food is relatively inexpensive because it is a commodity produced by many. If a single entity ever gained control of food production, it could and would put every other non-essential industry out of business. People would have no choice, other than turning to sustinence farming, but to pay the price demanded by the producer. On the other hand, firms have little control over pricing in non-essential goods. The market determines what can be sold and for what price.

The health care industry is puzzling. Anarchistangel is correct in that entire staffs are employed solely to process Medicare claims. By far the larger problem with Medicare is fraud. Off the top of my head, $300 billion in fraudulent claims for 2003. I agree the insurance industry is a scam, especially any insurance that is mandated. I’ll cut this short but will get back to the thread when I have more time.

Some of the problems as I see them: Artificial shortage of medical professionals and facilities. Litigation. Exorbitant civil damages being awarded. One huge industry being supported on the back of another (insurance/health care)

A radical solution I’ve often imagined is for every healthy worker to simply deny health coverage when it is offered through his employer. This would definitely shake up the industry. When I was young I broke my leg and had a tonsillectomy. My mother had no medical insurance. She paid cash, and she was barely above working poor. We didn’t miss a meal because of it.

Look, I’m not saying anywhere that people don’t like working in sweat shops in under privileged countries, all I’m saying is that why does America try to show that it is doing these people a favour when it’s only doing itself a favour and is there only to make huge profits, particularly where war is concerned. Look, the essence of it was that the US is capitalist minded to an extreme but it is not violent unless in retaliation.

I’ve come to a big realization in my life and that is that I lost my twin websites that I had and this has made me understand that it is a mistake to create twins where creativity is concerned. Like in making or formation, like appliances, things etc., duplication is fine but not genuine creativity. I saw this program on TV yesterday where the buyers are suing this man who created beautiful paintings. They bought a painting because it was beautiful and also because they thought it was original or only one of a kind. Little did they know that the painter used some paint program to create a thousand look alikes and obviously they were not informed about it. Now the creator is in trouble for creating more than one look alike. Anyways…

My point was that where twin children are concerned, God’s hand is in it and so that’s very nice and beautiful but we must not try to create twins or duplicates (same goes for cloning too). It’s just like that Amish Quilt thing. They ensure that they make a flaw however unnoticeable in the quilt so it is not perfect and so it will not call for God’s wrath because then you’re not trying to compete with His perfection 'cause only He can be perfect, something like that.

I loved my websites so I’m going to create but only one this time :smiley: And it’s not going to be completed in 2008 but in mere days, heh! heh! heh! Some people hacked them so, and they went down to “ground zero.” Oh! Oh! Oh! Hey! Hackers, back off!!! :imp:

P.S. I deleted both my websites because they were continuously hacked into. ~ Beena

Look, I’m a little wrong in my post above and perhaps confused too. Here’s what I really mean to convey -

US is capitalist to an extreme no doubt but it is, not violent. The terrorists who blow up embassies and buildings and people with them are. And nowhere is it written in any law-book or constitution that you should not be capitalist to an extreme, perhaps it may be morally unjustified but it is still not being violent. Violence is wrong, violence is a crime, that has to stop! Also, where violence ensures terror physically it also creates terror in peoples’ minds which again is a crime in my mind.

I think what we all need to do is draw lines. We will not take capitalism to an extreme and try and make money through war etc. And others will not be violent from their side. If force or violence needs to be exerted it will only be limited to ourselves to keep us in control of our inner selves, ok?

All garments are not made by child labour. Only one or two percent but most medias for their own publicity and interest publicize such issues. I also research on child labour that you can check my website below:

I am from India and have been in textiles exports for the last 20 years. My experience is that no exporter or contractor would wish to hire child labour in one’s factory but when the contract given to sub contractor may happen. The percentage is too low and negligible. However, my explanation to this issue is:
Over 70% of tailors and garment workers migrate to urban cities to work for sub-contractors of garment or home furnishing exporters. Majority of them are either illiterate or semi-literate so don’t know what child labor issue is? For them the issue is survival in expensive urban cities raising money for future life in their own village. Most important factor is that job is unstable so can not settle down at one place; move from one unit to another to get better wage as they are on wage per piece produced and wage decided by demand and supply. Under such circumstances, giving education in schools to children is not easy. For them education to their children is learning survival skill that children learn through child labor. For them child not only learns practical skill rather also earns for home. They find their children future more secured than the unemployed graduate in developing world. So they seek help of their children to contribute towards home.

So before blaming child labour we must blame rural poverty and must work to end to it.