Symbolism versus Literalism in the Bible

It is written that God created the Earth in 7 days. Is this figure literally applied to the modern day version of 7 complete days or is it more of a symbol for a different time scale? Does this mean that only Earth was in 7 days and the rest of the now-known “universe” could have taken more time to create?

∆ [O] Symbolism versus Literalism: a classic debate throughout religious texts.

∆ [Theory] If provided an almighty Creator, he would have all control and obviously supernatural powers among imagination. From this he could create whatever he intended in instantaneous time [Time was only created when the universe was created, also]. Therefore the only time needed to complete his project would have to be in physical terms, for example the Earth took some 6 billion years to cool and harden. This hardening of the Earth the Creator let happen naturally, for he created everything Natural in instantaneous time.

∆ [Theory 2] Everything happened in symbolic terms: 7 days could be 7 hundred, thousand, million, billion, trillion, etc. days.

∆ [Theory 3] It all happened literally: it took the Master 7 days in our time. This proves his supernatural capabilities among the human psyche’s imagination.


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