Taking A Break From The Internet.

I’m probally going to take a two week break from the internet to clear my mind and because I sick n tired of all the religious humanist infestations that calls themselves philosophies.

For those who I converse with alot through PM or posting in general know that I will be back soon.

I shall use this time to myself for reading and creating new foundations for my own thought.

( I might even enjoy the great outdoors a little too if it gets warmer for hunting and fishing.)

( I will only be gone temporarily.)

Haha, you’ll never make it.

The problem that I have of not using the internet is that the masses, the common people, don’t give a shit about philosophy, which I just can’t stand…

have fun ^.^

Not true.

Well, at least they are ignorant or not caring enough in philosophy to be well versed in something which I think most benefits their life. On ILP, you’ll find people that specifically do care.



Ok you found one exception to the norm, in Mundane Babble nonetheless! :laughing: =P~ :evilfun:

Yeah, gotcha there.

I made it through most of the week. Now what?

Dude, why do I always have to quote you in your face? Why is it that I remember what you’ve said better than you do? COULD YOU JUST FUCKING REMEMBER WHAT YOU’VE SAID FOR A WHILE?


This whole thing made me laugh for a couple of minutes.