Tea with satan

If you could have tea with three people or divine figures…who would it be?

I said jesus, Satan, and Nietzsche

I dunno. I think Jesus would be a little intense for tea. Maybe beers. Satan, you’d have to watch every minute. But at least he’d speak English. Nietzsche is an obvious choice for me, but I’d be too nervous. You know, how’s the tea? Are the crumpets good enough? How do I look? Does he want to rebrew all brews? Is a bunch o’guys sitting around all drinking the same beverage and eating the same teacakes an example of the herd mentality? I’d be a wreck.

I think I’d pick Eminem, for liveliness, Maya Angelou, because she is the most articulate of all English-speakers (she appears so even when clearing her throat) and that alien that abducted me a few years ago, so I could get my watch back.

Me , Myself , and I that’s who

As I said in another thread,

Maury Povich (come on, you know that guy’s got some stories)
David Rockafeller, cause he runs the world and I could find out some stuff.
Scarlett Johanson because… every time she smiles it proves there really is a god.

Flava Flav.

The Slingshot Man, master of the Helicopter Fuck.

And Santa Claus.

Well I’d invite God, obviously, because you just know he’s going to bring a good bottle of wine. Indeed, after God, all other guests are going to seem a little dull.

Name the film:

God is like a shamrock. Small, green, and split three ways.

I’ll give you a clue - it involves religion, organised crime and cross-dressing.

I’d go for Beethoven, Newton, and Edward Lear.

Goethe, Jim Morrison, Picasso.

“nuns on the run” ? for Imp

yeah…if satan couldent come i’d throw in either Dali or Pee Wee Herman

speaking of which his new show airs july 10th on Adult swim…

he, being my idol, i felt the need to spread some knowledge on the topic

Bertrand Russell and Jean Paul Sartre; Nietzsche too.

I’m pretty sure that it’s Leprechaun 5: Leprechaun in the Hood.

Wow. Yes. How little do the names ‘God’ ‘Jesus’ or ‘Satan’ mean in the presence of these men.

Bukowski, Nietzsche and ALL GODS and GODESSES (they count as one)

maybe, but im pretty sure its “nuns on the run”




i don’t like tea.

I’m not Imp. Imp is Imp. I’m SIATD.

Yes, it’s Nuns on the Run.


Throws cup of tea out the window

Throws SIATD out the window