Tea with satan

I’d like to see you try… :evilfun:

Would you care to join me in a cup of tea?

Do you think we’ll both fit?


Melora Creager

Gary Oldman

Joss Whedon

I’d love to smoke a bowl with Jesus, tea with Nietzsche, and do Eve. Who’se yo’ daddy

tori amos refers to having tea with her deamons all the time.

I would like eat french fries with bjork.

I’d like to just observe satan and jesus. No talking, just observe.

I’d like to eat ice cream with every cashier at every grocery store I have ever been in.

You wanna know what the Dan would observe?

Jesus vs CatWoman, with Adam Sandler as referee.

I’d do Eve.

… and Catwoman.

The phenomenon Dan~ has just arrived with the latest news -
well nto really but good enough :smiley: .

do eve?..

i pretty sue that warrents going to hell