Teaching is destroying Literacy.

I have some socalled facts which show that Teaching does not make us more literate but may make us less.

Military applicants in the 1930s tested 98 percent literate.

During World War II American soldiers’ literacy rate was 96 percent.

In 1950 only 81 percent of Korean war enlistees passed literacy tests, and by the 1970s, during the Vietnam war, the percent was down to 73.

Maybe that drop can be explained by an army recruited increasingly from the unprivileged.

But in 1940 the general white population tested four percent illiterate and blacks 20 percent. Now the numbers are 17 and 44 percent.

Black illiteracy has doubled, white has quadrupled.


Then there are those who say the schools have been invaded by immigrants, people with no respect for, and perhaps no genetic ability for schooling.

To expose this foolish argument as such,

The black nation of Jamaica has a 98.5 percent literacy rate,

far higher than the rate for U.S. whites.

Can any of you Teachers explain this? with anything but denile… ignor-ance of what may be the facts?

Teachers… and Politicians. seems sone of the few who continue to ask for… sorry. demand. . and get an increase in pay when the facts show that they supply a decrese in. production each and every year. . .literacy rates go down. . . school shooting up… and the amount of teachers blaming children and parents. . the same ones who also went through this same system of schooling. . for the teachers lack of ability to do thier job. go up. no lack of asking for more money for less PRODUCTION.

If a Cab driver dropped you off 20 blocks from where you asked him to take you. . would you pay the fool? would you give him a tip? tell his boss to increase his pay?

The facts seem clear. . teachers are POOR maybe the worst producers at thier job. but somehow. . in our religious frenzy to defend our own abuse at thier hands. .we defend this nonsense and in fact pay more money for this harm.

Politicians and Teachers ARE the pillars of our particular society. .

and look what we have. . . just watch the news. dont need to listen to a fool like me. .

. we have the leaders. and those who TEACH us to live under Authority rule. . and use the label. ‘Free’.

Mind Destroyers/teachers.

Another Socalled “solution”. . (really THE problem) disguised as help.

“Let me help you.” said the Monkey to the fish as he placed him safely in the tree.

anyone interested in the FACTS of this matter?

I may be wrong. but simply telling me I am without demonstrating HOW I am. . well that is what any fool can do. . and will.



Correlation is not causation. Have you considered that it could be simple coincidence?

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[ [size=84]Can you see the connection ?[/size] ] :sunglasses:

Yeah, and working class people in the 16th century went to see Shakespeare and understood every word, whereas now you’re lucky if degree-level Lit students can understand it.

Of course, the first part of that sentence is a popular myth for which I’ve never seen the slightest evidence, upheld by the British Literary/Historical canon because it underlines Shakespeare’s ‘universal appeal’…

Notsure - How many posts like this have I read?

“Things are worse now than they’ve ever been. And they’ll get worse yet until people start listening to me. And I’ve even got stats to back it up.”


For one thing (of a great many), following stats like this over time has got its perils. Are hispanics white? In your stats, I mean. I bet they are, the white ones, anyway. Is literacy, in your stats, literacy, or literacy in english only? Who wants to argue with raw stats? No one knows what they mean. Not even you. You are presenting raw stats, not facts. I will be hapy to argue with you when you can tell the difference.

Everythings going to be OK folks… Look what I found :

Cut Spelling

One first notices that one can imediatly read CS quite esily without even noing th rules of th systm. Since most words ar unchanged and few letrs substituted, one has th impression of norml ritn english with a lot of od slips, rathr than of a totaly new riting systm. Th esential cor of words, th letrs that identify them, is rarely afectd, so that ther is a hy levl of compatbility between th old and new spelngs. This is esential for th gradul introduction of any spelng reform, as ther must be no risk of a brekdown of ritn comunication between th jenrations educated in th old and th new systms. CS represents not a radicl upheval, but rather a streamlining, a trimng away of many of those featurs of traditionl english spelng wich dislocate th smooth opration of th alfabetic principl of regulr sound-symbl corespondnce.

SOURCE : spellingsociety.org/aboutsss … tspel1.php

New Spelling 90

The Star
bie H G Wells

It woz on the ferst dae ov the nue yeer that the anounsment woz maed, aulmoest simultaeneusli from three obzervatoris, that the moeshen ov the planet Neptune, the outermoest ov aul the planets that w(h)eel about the sun, had bekum veri eratik. A retardaeshen in its velositi had been suspected in Desember. Then a faent, remoet spek ov lyt woz diskuverd in the reejen ov the perterbd planet. At ferst this did not kauz eni veri graet eksytment. Syentifik peepl, houever, found the intelijens remarkabl enuf, eeven befor it bekaem noen that the nue bodi woz rapidli groeing larjer and bryter, and that its moeshen woz kwyt diferent from the orderli proegres ov the planets.

SOUCE : spellingsociety.org/aboutsss … s/ns90.php


I had some difficulty in reading the original post. My eyes felt strained.

While I wasn’t a fan of school growing up, this thread made me realize that I’m glad I went and performed very well in my courses. :sunglasses:

I believe he is just trying to say that teachers are the reason for your stupidity. Teachers are stupid and so are you. Although this might seem childish, it is probably correct. You need not listen to him or any of his facts, just ask yourself the question, “I’m I really as smart as I think I am”. Don’t lie now.

That’s a tad bit pretentious and overgeneralized, I must say.

Some evidence supporting this would be rather nice.

Ok… but you need to ask yourself that same question. How do YOU know that YOU are as smart as you think you are?

Oh by the way, that’s not a question. The proper way to ask that question is, “AM I really as smart as I think I am?”.

Well, what if I ask myself that question and find out I really am as smart as I think I am? Am I a liar? Or are all those who disagree with you stupid?

I’d like to see the population sampled for those stats.

Is it amongst high school grads? Remember, HS graduation used to mean more than it does now and fewer people got a HS degree.

So, it is apples to oranges, I’ll wager

Great post “theonefroberg”. I am not going to answer any more questions as I have proven my assertion that I am stupid.

At this point in time I am going to have to agree with this. I don’t know very much so I what I do know I am correct in. I will not agree with anything I am not sure of but know all of you will disagree and I would have to say you are then, all stupid.

Sure. This comes from some childs saying which goes something like “nananana pooh pooh”.

Ok… so you just admitted you’re stupid

But you just said you’re stupid… so then everyone who disagrees with you is more stupid.

Here’s how your logic works:

I do not know very much, therefore whatever I know must be correct.

That’s a flawed argument. The fact that you don’t know much does not imply that the little you know must be correct.

Knowing the quantity of something does not necessarily mean knowing the quality of something.

So in this case knowing the quantity (the fact that you claim to not know much) does not imply the quality of what you know (the fact that everything you do know is correct).

Here’s how the logic works here:

  1. I won’t agree with anything I’m not sure of
  2. (by the negation of 1) I will agree with everything I’m sure of
  3. I know you will disagree with what I’m sure of
  4. Therefore, you’re all stupid.

The problem is, whatever you’re “sure” of, whatever you “know”, is not necessarily true, as I’ve shown earlier. Just because you don’t know much, you aren’t sure of much doesn’t mean what you do know and are sure of is true.

So then a person who disagrees with you is thus not necessarily wrong, or stupid.

There are a lot of people I don’t agree with both on ILP and real life. But I don’t think I’m smarter then them necessarily, or that they’re stupid. I think that those people are either misinformed, or not completely supported by evidence, or using faulty logic, but are not stupid. In fact, I value their different opinions, and find hearing them often helps me to make better ones.

Disagreement doesn’t mean stupidity, it just means disagreement.

Aren’t you the bright one!

Aren’t you the bright one!

No, it’s not that it must be but that it is.

I must disagree. I only know there is no “free will” and there is no “bible god”. Yes, it is necessarily true. I prove it to myself all the time and if you don’t agree, you are stupid. You can’t even argue ignorance because I am sure you are aware of all the facts. You just can’t put them all together.

I don’t agree with the general statement that teaching is destroying literacy, that is bollocks, but I will admit one of my beliefs. I believe the No Child Left Behind Act lessened the quality of my high school education by making government funding available to school districts with a higher “grade” (the “grade” is based on mandatory bulk testing, i.e. proficiency tests). So, as long as my school district retains its “A+” rating, the school will receive the same funding whether or not the teachers work hard and put effort into educating their students.

Basically, the teachers didn’t give a shit and it showed.
I’m sure it also didn’t help that most of my teachers were around 25 yrs of age, give or take.

OK COMP 10101010101010

I don’t agree with the general statement that teaching is destroying literacy, that is bollocks, but I will admit one of my beliefs.

What value are your or anyones belief?

Why beleive when you could first of all state the fact… which you seem to fear greatly. that YOU DON’T KNOW. . and then maybe find out

but instead you default to the religious way of handling life. . belief. hmm

and this you probably call logic or rationality or something other word that sound good but you cannot explain any more that a religious fool can explain god… give evidence… .

your agreement and beliefs are not intelligence but ignorance. . the fact is always clear. you practice ignor-ance of the fact. .

what is that for?

It’s interesting that a thread that premises that we’re all dumber now than we were before digresses into people telling eachother how stupid they are.

Well, not really.

I agree with faust; the whole body of your argument is based on statistics, which were gathered decades apart, by different systems, and likely under different parameters. Plus, there is no link to teaching, other than the fact that most people are taught how to read. We’re also talking about a large number of immigrants who are illiterate in English coming in from Mexico, who weren’t nearly as big a factor in past literacy rates.

What is this? Did I misss something, did he say a belief in god.

All you have are your beliefs.

your wrong topic starter, your facts may be right but their are more factors than what you have considered to come up with you conclusion.

i never would have thought jamaica had such a high literacy rate when allot of them talk such hardcore slang… cool

I’m notsure about you, notsure, but if you could please stop beating around the bush with negative commentary you could save us all a lot of time better spent reading other things. Like Dennet on religion. [-X