Teaching Kids About Evolution

I have tried teaching kids about evolution…
Some of the smarter kids have been trained at home
that god did it…and that seems to end their curiosity right there…they dont want to go any further…so they miss out in some fantastic understanding of nature…it is discouraging…

Well turtle, parents are welcome to bring up their children as they believe. I could on the other hand say it’s a shame schools don’t teach how the Bible describes of how God created the heavens and the earth. They are missing out on a beutiful thing.

Tell the kids to leave their bronze age thinking at home. They’re being educated in a modern institution and they should live up to that standard.

Sure you’ll probably get in trouble. But someone has to make a stand.

I don’t believe that parents have the right to abuse their children. And I say that as an authoritarian Confucian, which is saying something!

what i do now is to recognize what the kids belief is…and try not to debate…but i say if god did it
how did god do it…they still dont say anything but it is a tiny step forward…

The ignorance of righties and bible thumpers here in America almost defies belief, yet there it is.

The bible is a work of fiction; science on the other hand is not, unless you get the bible thumpers
to doctor it up and fake it.

I should add: many prominent theologians, including xtian ones, have studied and written on
evolution and they for the most part have figured out a way to reconcile faith and science… one
notable genius in that regard being Teilhard de Chardin.

How God Created the earth is a belief that is described in the Bible.

How evolution could possibly occur is a theory that even Darwin recognized.

Both are studied upon and bring conclusions through hypothesis and conjecture.

Are all theories merely hypothesis and conjecture?

Some theories are better than others, wouldn’t you agree?

Now, a last question: do you hold the Bible creation story and the theory of evolution to be the same kind and quality of “conjecture”?

jonquil, are you purposely trying to turn this into a hate filled thread by trying to inflame with anti-religious rhetoric? I won’t stand for that type of speech and will lock this thread if it persists.

My belief in the Bible is stronger than my belief in the theory of evolution. However, who is to say God didn’t use adaptive methods with biological plants and animals for their survival. As far as I am concerned, if ‘evolution’ has been apart for earth’s development, God was responsible for it. Before anyone arises and says “Where’s your proof?”, it is a belief just as someone thinks there was no intervention by a superior being for the universe we live in. Both beliefs have no concrete proof.

litbolt----will you play a teaching game…
you are a student presenting your belief about life.
the first question you are asked-----how does a human being start life----as a fertilized cell???


I’m not sure there is even “concrete proof” of gravity, which remains, after all, a theory. So how do you evaluate one theory versus another? What are your standards by which you determine one theory about the origin of human beings more true, or more credible than another?

Before anyone is taught anything about Science and evolution, they should watch this documentary;

BEN STEIN …“Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”.

It is 1.5 hour movie/documentary, but he brings out the defensiveness being used to protect any truths declared by Science. I actually discussed the issue with one of the people in the film who tried to defend his own actions (the guy who refused Stein’s prearranged interview because he was told that Stein was promoting creationism - which he actually wasn’t) . He ended up strongly confirming exactly what Stein was talking about - protectionism of proclaimed truths - Sciencism the new religion.

All ideas must be inspected to ensure they are safe for the public.

i think you can get around the debate between science and religion in education…you dont break off the relationship with the kid…you just start asking how did god do it…if you get adam an eve you can turn to development of the human organism from an egg…
of course you have to give up the debate…

Biblical literalism can’t hold up to critical, rational thought.

you are correct…and the kids arent even thinking anything except god did it…

But then, are they YOUR kids?
Who is to say what is better for them to believe, even if it weren’t true?

they are not my kids…and i dont care what they think…

Apparently you do, since you want to teach them something.

How old are they?

10-12 yo…i just want them to start thinking…i show and tell nature and science…