Technological Transhumanism And The Prison Planet Construct.

Soon it will be possible to carry the zygote, the embryo, and the fetus in an extrauterine way. Then we will have totally arrived at the point of the more insecure, the more primitve reproduction again. We will no longer need any intrauterine thing then.

The natural womb as the realization of the the natural idea to lay the egg into the inside of the body will have become obsolete. There will be no natural birth any longer, since the natural uterus will not be needed any longer. Humans will not be needed any longer - their natural reproduction will be replaced by genetic engineering and artificial “wombs”, their economical production will be replaced by machines (cp.: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=185562) and perhaps by artificial humans (cyborgs) … So humans will either become artificial humans or die out.