Teenage philosophers?

Hi everyone :slight_smile: I just joined this forum and thought I’d learn a bit before posting anything too deep.

Are there any other teenagers out there? I’m only 15, and as such I don’t have much experience with philosophy (except my own ideas). However I think it’s something everyone should consider to some degree and I find it all very interesting. It’d be nice to have some other younger people to talk with, though!

Please reply or email me if you’re around my age (or even if you’re not), and I hope to learn a lot from this site!

Hi Curuniel,

Welcome to the site and don’t worry about being young - we have plenty around your age. Unlike you, some of them pretend to be older than they are but hey, we can all tell :wink:.

Just from your honesty I am sure your posts will be respected and you will be able to learn alot from others.

Yeah, I’m 15 too. I just thought I’d hang out here because I’m bitten by creative thought (or day dreaming), and it’s better when there’s people to discuss it with.

dudes, I’m 16 (will be 17 in March)…and hence, I believe I could be label a teenager.

I have a pet-peeve about being reffered to as a “teen” since it (the label “teen”) seems to carry a negative, semi-iresponsible stigma to it.

Best to my knowledge, I’m the only one in my agegroup around ILP…this is of course due to the fact that they probably got tired of listening to the insane babble that is most often found in my posts.

Glad you joined, though. :sunglasses: (see, I can be cool too. I’ll put on my sunglasses…er, um…shades :wink: )

I’m 13. And I have more maturity and intelligence than alot of people my age.

Good, because most seventh graders I know are in dire need of maturity. :smiley:

I just turned 16 about 2 months ago, so I guess this is my thread.

That said, I mostly lurk around these parts.

I’m a teenager…

Not going to be one for too long…

Hi, I am 15 as well… Although I began writing at this website to learn others ideas and construct my own, it has turned out to be just a cool place to argue about each others grammatical errors :wink:

dude! you are only 15! I’m impressed seriously…you are as sharp as any 30 year old. I would never have guess you were so young! :astonished: :astonished:

so, I see that I must rephrase my prior statement…

“while there are at least several teenagers here on ILP, only a few are actually consistant posters. The rest are either deadbeats or newbs’”

what do you mean by “ILP is only a place to argue about other’s gramatical errors”? Surely you don’t mean to say that this place is not filled with many very philosophical people who post very informative things. :confused:

Im 18, I joined this forum about a year and a half ago mainly to learn more about thought in general and myself. And I guess I have, to a certain degree.

Curuniel said:

Isnt that the point of philosophy, our own ideas? If it wasnt for individual thought there wouldn’t be philosophy!

BMW-Guy wrote:

I agree, the word does have negative connotations. I have to admit I sometimes use it simply to provide a contrast between the average ‘teen’ and myself - it’s a bit of an ego boost. Naughty me :frowning:

I’m 19, turned 19 oct 2. Child all my life :wink:

I am 18.



What this? Every n00b under the age of 20 joins here just to post in this thread? :smiley:

This is a massive amount of teenagers…

Just goes to show that age doesn’t always reflect quality

I’m 20. So I am not a teenager, but i have been one for 35% of my life.

My only advice to you younger folks is…don’t try and come up with your own ideas. There is no way you could possibly come up with a completely original idea that no one in the history of mankind has thought of before. There are professors of philosophy who only dream of coming up with an original idea.

Instead read,read,read …but not necessarily only philosophy. Read a lot of modern science…Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, Matt Ridley, Stephen Hawking…
these guys will teach you more about the world then the ancient philosophers. Also don’t ever assume that you have it completely understood. For example, you can read all the Nietzsche you want, you are not going to understand him fully on your own. You’ll realize this when you start taking philo classes in school. Instead think of it as building up your philosophical reading skills.

and remember this quote by an old philosopher looking back on his life , he said, " While I was sitting around trying to figure out the mysteries of the universe, all the other guys were out there kissing all the pretty girls!"

You are young and in the prime of your lives where you don’t have much responsibility and can go out and have tons of fun. So don’t take your life too seriously at the moment. You’ll have plenty of time to be a grown up and sit around contemplating the universe. In the meantime work on your social skills …how to talk to women, how to dress, how to present yourself, how to make friends, how to communicate nonverbally(93% of communication is nonverbal)this will be of far greater value to you in the future then understanding Kant.

If I had a time machine and could visit my fifteen year old self that is the speech I would give.