Telepathics come out of the closet

“Change The World” is the name of this game. You can read this string. You can contribute or not; but, everyone is playing. Among the regular populations of the world are people with telepathic abilities. These people with telepathic abilities call themselves “tuners.” The tuners have to ability speak to other tuners with their minds. They, for the most part, mirror the general population with wide array personalities and dispositions. When tuners are very young, they are forced to accept an extremely harsh set of rules called “Old Ways” or face punishment. The punishment can be banishment or worse. The secret community that tuners find themselves in does not in any way look like the world as you know it. It is a highly controlled and vicious society. In the days of old, the small numbers of these peoples with this ability were forced to hide or be burned at the stake. Some of these people, let’s call them “Dark Tuners”, have used this advantage to grab power and wealth over centuries. The dark tuners have managed to exert an influence far exceeding their numbers. To this date and time, the majority of this community has failed to challenge this dark group to change the ways of their community. However, since the numbers of tuners is increasing, this group’s power is beginning to weaken.

You may think… well if there were as many of these tuners around, the press would have exposed that fact by now. Wrong, how do you think the media moguls became moguls? The jobs in media are very competitive and highly paid. Only too easy to control and the dark tuners make examples of people on a regular basis. The inner circle has the rest of the community convinced that if they even try to expose them, a fate worse than death will befall them. In addition, exposing them is not as easy as you may think. What if two tuners just went to the police and demo their abilities? That would work if the government weren’t involved. Above all, the government has to keep certain information secret from it’s enemies.

This fact alone is all the premise needed for the feds to jump into this community with both feet. And we all know the influence of money and Wall Street has on the government. It’s a kind of Mexican stand off. The government doesn’t want what it’s been doing to tuners in it’s labs for decades to come out and the media titans don’t want to risk jail or worse. Even with a vast conspiracy, how could these people have remained invisible for so long? What is the unifying factor of all of these very different peoples? Exposure equals witch hunt. One thing in human history is clear: humans fear the unknown and fear breeds contempt. So, while most of the community hates the dark tuners and the injustice of the system, they are powerless to change things. This is not to say they do nothing. Pop culture is a billboard for this community hiding in plain sight. If you look around you will find it everywhere. Take the X-files and substitute tuners for aliens. The X men uses exaggeration to hide it’s true meaning. The artistic community is saying “we are here and we want to come out of this dark closet.”

There is a plethora of commentary and dialog in the media by tuners but it is subtle. The authors of this material judge themselves by how much they can get away with. Most of this material is dialog between interests in the community. A lot of the time, the messages have double meanings. The messages will have a meaning in the straight world as well as in the tuning world. To know what they are talking about, you need know specifics on what is going on in the tuning community. The arts are the agents of change. Wall Street is direct opposite. The wealthy un-enlighten ones don’t want to rock the boat while they are making money and controlling the game.

The starkest example of this clash between these two groups was in 1933. Nelson Rockefeller commissioned Diego Rivera to do a mural for the lobby of RCA Building in New York. The mural had a group of older white men mentally controlling and restricting the future of the people. Despite the fact the mural was already paid for and installed, Rockefeller had the mural dismantled and taken away. In the 1960’s, a group of directors in France challenged the “powers that be” with films that were heavily influenced by “Surrealism”. The “French New Wave”, as they were later known as, had a profound effect on Europe and European filmmaking. This movement was widely disregarded in the United States. Unfortunately for humanity, Hollywood is run by accountants. While writers and directors fight the good fight and offer clues, no film has been made about tuners unless disguised heavily as science fiction. For what seems such an obvious and simple plot idea, why has no film addressed the possibility of telepathics in a real world setting. I can only think of two examples in science fiction ie… Star Trek (60’s tv show) and Planet of the Apes (late 60’s movie trilogy) that even dealt with the subject. In the last 37 years, the subject has hardly been touched and no film has ever depicted a real world with telepathics. Just a odd fact or rules imposed by the dark tuners?

At this point it is necessary to define “tuners” in more detail. To some degree, everyone can tune a little bit. You have intuition. Even animals and insects have it. Science can not explain how creatures in the animal kingdom behave strangely before earthquakes except to call it intuition. Similarly, some animals start to leave areas of the forest ahead of fire before they could possibly sense smoke or heat. These creatures are sensitive to a yet unexplained energy in nature. On a very basic level, this could be called “tunning.” Sensitive humans use this energy to hear other tuners and learn to speak back. The farther away the other party is, the harder it is to tune with them.

Talking to another tuner on the phone helps with long distance tunning. Tunning is a very pleasurable experience and can provide more intimacy than sex. The vast majority of tuners’ abilities are limited to just being able to communicate with each others. However, when tuners get together, a more advanced and experience tuner can use their collective power to do more exotic things. Just as in the regular world, when many people get involved in something, it gets messy. Tunning can occur in almost any setting. The religious call the average tuner a “good instrument” of god. “A very good instrument” would be an above average tuner. And excellent or extraordinary instrument is reserved for the truly gifted.

Many tunning events can go unnoticed to the non-tunning public. Of course, a tunning event in a church would naturally be more well mannered and philosophical than cocktail party on Wall Street. The nature of the business community tunning events could be comparable to three year olds trying to take each others toys, and often, gets extremely ugly. It is a little piece of hell the greedy have created for themselves. Since the government has taken control of any serious research in the field, science is basically sitting on sidelines until circumstances change. Film and stage is the most highly organized group in the tunning world. Film, stage, music, publishing, and tv together form the biggest player in real world as well as that of the tuners. As big a player as this group is, it is still beholding to business and the government.

Tunning is common place on the studio lot and the stage. The black sheep of this group is music. While directors, writers, and actors that tune have created a community that is somewhat well mannered, music is a snake pit that rivals the business community for vicious evil. Rock and roll has got a reputation for being a satanic community over the years. This is a reputation well earned. While there are good people in music, the atmosphere of the community can only be described as the pit of hell for tuners and non-tuners alike. How this creative group became this diseased slum of the art world is unknown but no one knows what to do about it. It is impossible to look at tuners separately from the society they are interwoven into. In general, getting a group of people to do what is in their own interest or the right thing more times than not, is like herding cats.

Merry Christmas all…I will be tuning “White Christmas” out to everyone, so if you suddenly hear… chesnuts roasting… don’t freak out, it’s just me. Just a warning…after a few nogs…maybe some Metallica

…all is never as it seems!

Magsj…That is a mouthful. First, you can not liberate your mind by sex. It is the most animal thing we do. I am not sure what spirtual wealth is but we are all slaves. However, the shop til you drop obsession seems to be a female thing while men spill beer and watch football. I would agree, as a society, we are lemmings. Imposible to reason with and the only direction we will take is over the cliff.

I’d just like to say:

People should remember the famous witch trials. At that time the most perspicacious and philanthropic judges had no doubt that they were dealing with guilt. The “witches” themselves had no doubts about that point. Nonetheless, there was no guilt.
-Nietzsche, On The Genealogy of Morals, Third Essay, 16.

Hallo tazz… during the witch trials…most of judges were probably witches themself, or as I call them “dark tuners.”

please talk to you im just like me and i tell you something how to blow up your mind how to think of every possibility in a second please i am 90% pure and if your a real tuner or honer as i call it you would know what 90% pure means please reply back please reply i really want to talk to you

i can turn off brains and tune them exactly how i want them and if you know what you dont you think of this is how you become pure

This is indeed a cool topic, but not many believe… 8-[

ive honed the world. i believe i am the best honer and i have the purest mind at this point march 21 5:25 no fake pureness or honing

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loudwolf shut your mouth dont tell any personal information

i could be one of those dark honers. i could of killed him off telepathically.

If he’s tuning or transmitting, or whatever, he doesn’t have to tell any personal information, the dark tuners already know.

loudwolf i respect you the most in the world.Because you showed me the way. At this point.

even after you die you learn

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