Telepathy and Interactivity in Dreams?

Have you ever dreamt of someone the same night that they had a dream of you?

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Has anyone here ever dreamt about someone, talked to that person the next day and found out that the other person also dreamt about you? It’s a really odd experience that has happened to me a handful of times and always with the same person. Her and I were really close for a while and then we drifted apart (it’s a long story). On the few occasions when we do get together now it will always either be after we have had a dream with the other in it, or her and I will think about each other on the same day and one of us will end up making the call.

I imagine the dream world, or subconscious in general, like a tangled web, or like images of neurons and synapses in the brain. There are these threads stretching in all directions and encoded in them are the thoughts that make up our dreams. Each thread belongs to a different person and there is space between them so that none of them are actually touching. In dreaming your mind is moving along the thread and writing out the message of the dream as you go.

When you have a dream and 3 people you know happen to be in it, then your thread is running parallel to their threads. In this case they do not also dream of you because at that point nothing is written on their treads, but because you’re within a certain proximity of them, energy transfers over to you and plants a thought of them in your mind as it’s writing out the dream.

If there was information on their thread at the point you were running along side of it, then when the energies mingle in space you would have a dream with them in it and they would have one with you in it. Both of the dreams would be different though, because your mind can only write in your thread. I think this is how her and I have these dreams. When we do, they are never the same.

So then what about premonitions? For example, two nights ago I had an irrelevant dream that one of my co-workers was talking to my boss about going home sick. The next day I come to work and he has called in sick. So while I was dreaming, was he thinking about not going to work, or perhaps he had already decided and then we made this connection while we were sleeping? Is the energy stronger the more you know a person, or how deep your feelings for them run or only a certain kind of feeling? This is just the way I imagine it. I often think about what would happen theoretically if the strings would cross or touch.

I had an experience like this once. I had the same dream as my best friend from high school. We had the dream during our junior year in high school. We both dreamt that we were fighting demons together. I mentioned it to him and he revealed the he had the same dream. I asked him what weapons he was us using. He said that he was using a sword and I was using an axe. That was exactly as I had seen it.

I had a friend in college whose girl friend was convinced that she and a group of her friends could visit members of the band Duran Duran during their dreams. They said it was astral projection. I was never sure if I believed them, but it made for an interesting story.

Xanderman, I can’t believe both of you had the same dream. Was it on exactly the same night? I’m trying to make sense of how that might happen with this visual I have about how this could work. It could have been just a coincidence, but if you try to consider it something more, what would it mean? Do you think that you and him were there in the same dream at the same time together in some way? Like maybe we’re all having a secret interaction with one another at times when we are apart. Something that we are unaware of. Like the feeling of longing when you miss someone, because you can still imagine them. If you never knew them, you couldn’t miss them. Maybe those basic and honest kinds of thought are projected outward and subliminally received. However, I do not believe that your friends girlfriend was ever able to astrally project in order to hang out with Simon LeBon, and I’m sure the vibe she sent to him was rejected.

Looks as though you are certainly accessing information through your dreams vortical. I wonder if you can explore this further and possibly train yourself to direct your dreams. What are you doing differently that you weren’t doing before you were experiencing these phsycic phenomena?

The psychic phenomenon is mostly in the past. I don’t think I did anything differently before or after it happened. I was quite the lucid dreamer for a minute there a while back, but when the practicalities of life invade, it’s hard to get much sleep at all let alone try to expend energy or work on it. I have noticed something interesting lately having to do with proximity. There is a friend of mine who stays over at the house sometimes and almost every time he is over, I have a dream about him I think just because he is close to me.

My basic instinct whenever I find myself in a lucid dream is to fly- I love it, it feels completely natural. Supposedly lucid dreamers are more apt to have dreams of flying. I don’t think, or remember ever having seen someone I knew in waking life in one of these lucid dreams.

How did you vote, liquidangel? Do you ever have any interesting experiences in your dreams?

Sorry, vortical, I didn’t vote, because I’m a little ignorant and didn’t know how to.

I do have a very interesting dreamtime. Not so much these days, perhaps because as you say there is a lot going on in my waking hours. Mine are also lucid and flying is frequent. At the time I was very interested in symbolism and was reading Jung a lot and was writing my dreams down. I found that this practice helped me to remember a lot more than the last dream before waking and I would dream in symbols and later be able decipher the meanings and so on. One thing that started to happen was that I would dream events before they actually happened. I would dream on many different layers for example I would have one ‘thread’ through many lifetimes, supporting my suspicion of re-incarnation.

I still dream things before they happen but I’m not aware that it is a premonition until it happens. I could probably train the ability but I’m not sure that I need it. So what, I know what is going to happen! Does that mean I would try to change it for a better outcome for myself, or should I rather be focussed on here and now in a very practical way? What can I do with this moment so that the future moment have a positive outcome for their own sake?


As far as we could tell at the time, we both had the dream on the same night.

Why do you feel that her (Cindy) experience was impossible?

That’s cool that you both had the dream on the same night. The results of the poll are interesting, aren’t they? What an interesting thing that this seems to happen more often than not…at least so far based on the few results. I was only being funny or sarcastic by implying that Cindy couldn’t contact Duran Duran, I can’t know these things.

liquidangel, Jung is cool- there are certain universal archetypes but for the most part I don’t know how much faith I put into dream interpretation. It’s hard to say because there are infinitely different associations that we have as individuals- a dream dictionary could just never be accurate, unless perhaps you created your own. Analysis goes farther than that and as far as psychology is concerned, I think dreams are integral in therapy. I believe that there is a lot locked away in the unconscious mind, that’s what psychology is, I guess dreams are a good place to start. Memories are subjective, talking about your tortured childhood might help…I don’t know, I’m not a psychologist- I just pretend to play one on TV or something like that.

Can you tell me more about the “different layers”? I’m interested.

Yes, your psychic dreams are like the example I gave about my co-worker. How could you know if they were premonitions until they happened in life- if they never happened, they couldn’t be premonitions. Nothing is predestined until after it happens, right? I don’t think you can change anything…I had a bad vibe about New Years, but then I went ahead and did what I was planning anyway and it wasn’t good. Had I changed my mind I would have had no proof, you know.

Vortical. Dreaming on different layers. Perhaps levels of depth of understanding is a better way of putting it. I would dream something where for instance I was myself but in another life in another body. Having experiences that seemed to not really continue but somehow play out again and again. So on waking I would have experienced many lifetimes and have a few levels of understanding why things are the way they are now. It’s very difficult to put into words, I thought about writing about it but always get stuck on how to word it.

Of course dream dictioneries are a useless waste of money - they cannot be true. We will only dream symbols that are familiar to our own lives - based on our own experiences but the thing that I began to see happening that I would dream in symbols that were familiar in other lives I have had, broadening perhaps our experiences to include more experiences which we don’t consciously remember.

I know that the thinkers on this forum are about to lambaste me for this, I however do not care as I know what I know and there is no way for me to bring it into subjective reality for anyone else.

Mostly I don’t have time to analyse my dreams much these days - Perhaps because I have already learned what I was going to learn?

Were you in different time periods that lead you to believe that you were exhisting in different lives? Can you give a specific example of one of these dreams? Even if it’s difficult to word, just a part of it so we can better understand what you mean.

If you’re having premonitions and dreams within other bodies, different times- maybe you’re astral projecting unwillfully. If you have the time you might want to investigate what’s going on. Do you think if it is astral projection, that there is any harm in it, or real danger to yourself?Sometimes in the morning I will open my eyes a bit, but I’ll be paralyzed in the bed and I will still see dream images projected over what I can see inreality, my bedroom or where ever I happen to be sleeping. This doesn’t happen that often, but when it does I get a feeling of sheer terror.

No, they are not astral projections - I don’t think there is neccessarily anything wrong with astral projections, it’s just that I was dreaming.

I don’t want to give too many details - dreams can be rather personal - but I was me in another body in another time. For example in one life I was living in England, with certain people around doing certain things and then the next scene I would be someone else, still me, in say France, during a different period with the same people around and we are playing the same theme out - then I would be me as I am now and I would be playing the same theme out with the same people only we were all as we are now. It all follows on vortical.

I believe that my own psyche was revealing certain events in order for me to gain understanding of present life circumstances which appeared at the time to be random - nothing is random. I believe that I was questioning and searching within my own mind since I had been unable discover certain answers outside of myself. I believe that my desire to know was so intense that I used dreams to reveal the answers. The seeker will walk down all roads use whatever means available to gain knowledge and understanding. I still do that, introspect and self reflect only now in a vastly different way and in a vastly different arena. Now I am more focused on my spirit. I have discovered that my spirit is different from my mind. I ‘get’ that dreams are still part of the mind and the mind is merely a tool, it is not who I am but it can help me in search of who I am.

Now as far as your terrifying experiences are concerned - are you using any recreational or prescription drugs? Western medicine has had so many adverse effects on me personally (I grew up on anti-biotics) that I have been forced to look elsewhere, eventually leading me to own a health shop - I have seen enough cases where chemicals have effected people in similar ways and during the times when I used recreational drugs I had similar experiences. Today I don’t use any intoxicants at all and I no longer have these experiences. Being of sound mind and body I can now delve into areas that require a certain focus.

How do you know for certain that they are or are not astral projections?

How can you say that absolutely nothing is random? I think almost everything happens by chance- I don’t know if this is the same as things being random. I also believe in destine though and perhaps the “chance” is the work of destiny. Like when events happen in such a perfect way, with small coincidences intertwining with subtle chance occurrences guiding you towards a predetermined outcome, or what appears by association to be a predetermined outcome because all of the pieces fit together just too well. Clues are left that point to the answer.

I may have been on some psycho pharmaceuticals at the time, I think I was actually. Come to think of it- it hasn’t happened for a while. Now I only drink, that’s it. I’d prefer to romanticize the idea that I was astral projecting rather than just high on pills. The latter is just sad and even all the sadder that I try to impress meaning upon it…

How do I know for certain? You just answered that question. You said; “… because all of the pieces fit together just too well. Clues are left that point to the answer.”

We so often ask questions that we already know the answer to. Sometimes there is just no way we can possibly know from the perspective of the mind. At such times we have to use our intuition.

Why do you wish that you had astral projected? Would it make any difference to your life if you had?

Some things are destiny, very few. Other things are random or chance- whatever you want to call it. Not everything has meaning. I’m thinking of that other post, the one about meaning being applied to things. Maybe you’re just applying meaning to everything and I’m not.

I wish I had astral projected because I want to have spiritual, metaphysical, supernatural experiences. I guess to greater or lesser degree- I don’t really care if they are drug induced or not. Would that make them less meaningful? Not to me, because of what they would represent in my mind. I’m just after the rush, the feeling and emotionality- maybe even terror and madness.

I don’t apply meaning to everything. I merely observe and it turns out that everything happens for a reason. It’s not that important to see the reasons in everyday reality - like catching the tube to work is simply catching the tube…But sometimes like you say - you can see that there appears to be a connection. I’m simply implying that if some things are connected that there is the possibility that all things are connected. Just because we can’t see them doesn’t mean they are not connected.

I agree. Your spiritual experiences aren’t any less real because you are in an altered state of mind. I am just saying that for now that is fine. After a while, like everything the reasons will change and the experiences will change. Everything changes. Just like growing up. At one point in our lives we go to nursery school, then onto primary school, high school and college and whatever… I don’t need to go to nursery school at my age. There simply is no need. Life is a series of lessons and as we move through certain lessons, new lessons appear. It is the natural order.

vortical_ i think what your describing is Slep paralyisis: its fairly common, during sleep your body diconeects from your mind, to prevent you freom acting out your dreams, sometimes people wake up but are still paralized, the images are called Hynogogic immagery, its strong during sleep paralysiss because ones concentration is much higher. …lucid dreaming is great. once while in a semi-lucid state i saw this shape. it was extremely comforting and seemed to hold some deep answers.

My mother has had some prophetic dreams, believe it or not. When I was around 4, she dreamt that a truck rolled me. When she woke up, the phone rang and she was told that a cousin (around my age) had been rolled (fortunately nothing serious happened).

In August 02 she dreamt that one of my best friends was laying in the street and everybody was trying to make him react but couldnt. In December 6th `02 I dreamt that another friend had had an accident and was laying in the street. The next day, my friend (the one my mother dreamt about months before) indeed was in an accident and was disabled for fourteen months before dying a year ago. Sad story, but all in all weird how we almost sensed that coming.