test for time travel

have you ever wondered if time travel will be possible?i have thought of a test that can be done to the people able to be associated with a time machine in the future and the time machine or device will need to have a time adjustment to a certain time of destination.
what you can do is get a sheet of papper and write the date and time on it and be willing to keep it with you everyday for the rest of your life.if in the future you are nable to be associated with a time device you can type the infortmation on the papper and prove to your older self that time travel will be done.if it doent cause problems with your future.i am certain if there is a travel device of that nature it will have severe regulations.but right when you write your name on the sheet of papper your older self should walk in the door if you are associated with a device in the future.just a thought.

The test I came up with was to ensure that a newspaper ad is placed in the Times on a certain date. Tell you what. I’ll make it tomorrow’s morning edition. The text will read “Success at last”

I’ll tell you how it turns out.

to sublime69 -

I have tried a similar test when I was younger - putting a tape with a recorded message to people in the future saying something like if you have a time machine go back to this exact spot at this time etc. I put the date to the folowing day and guess what - nothing happened!

I dont think your method would work. You almost certainly would not live to a time when time machines are even invented, let alone having access to one even if they are! And a piece of paper?? this would almost certainly get lost or destroyed!! Why dont you just remember a date?

Besides, I think your future counterpart would not be so rash as to go back in time and meet his, er, your past self. After all - you might give yourself a haert attack then you wouldn`t have been able to recieve the paper etc!

minor problem with my test. I looked through the whole paper and couldn’t see a classifed/message section. The Universe is conspiring against us. :cry:

Reminds me of that movie where the future can talk to the past using a radio.

I don’t think this is especially possible, but then I don’t have this linear view of time as something like a dimension people travel through, either.

Some people think we’re doing that, like Neitzsche outlined in his ‘circular time’ or recurrence theories.

Me, I don’t think time has any spatial properties. It’s less like something we travel through and more like a corrosive force that washes over us. Travel through it? Not likely, IMHO

With Einsteins Theory, I have just thought of time as a property piggy backing on unitary substances, or things loosely or tightly connected together, like cups, or the solar system, or the local group of galaxies. Things that move together in other words. I don’t think one can any more travel through time then one can create the negative length of a ruler, ie. shrink the length of a ruler into the negatives.

If time travel does exist, it exists only on quantum scales and only with special qualifications that prevents quantum time travel from creating paradoxes in the macro world.