Test Your Literacy IQ

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting questions to test your literacy IQ and general knowledge because we need to stimulate our minds. Google makes it a bit unfair, but oh well. You are all on your honor.

Er, okay forget I said that. You can’t be trusted.

Ingrid Bergman starred in this 1956 movie, playing the part of an amnesia victim who might be the daughter of a Russian czar. What is it?

Anna… something I can’t remember and I couldn’t spell it if I did. :unamused:

I just googled “literacy IQ” and am ready to rock.

Annamnesia, of course.

Well of course! Why didn’t I think of that? Korininna? Korrinina? I’m really lame with Russian spelling, and being on my honor, I refuse to cheat and look it up.

Anastasia, but I’m only basing that on the Russian czar bit.


Yeah, Anastasia was the right name of the woman, but was that the name of the movie? Bessy has to ask questions about things that happened when I was just a baby. I’m not old enough to remember all this stuff. :laughing: There’s just too many Anna’s running around…

I hope this thread isn’t going to be only about chickflicks.

Google offered me two different spellings of this term, so now I am completely lost and will probably have to just say intelligent sounding things and hope none of you realise how ignorant I am of the topic.

I love you, you bitch, you. Answer: Anastasia Good job, Utiliarian!

Next question.

What is the mountain in Turkey that Noah’s Ark was said to have landed?


Nah, Mt. McKinley

Trick question. The ark landed on an island.

Fantasy island… the plane boss, the plane!


Love Island


Did they have olive branches in Turkey? Where’s Tab when we need him?


What is slang for a ten dollar bill? One word.

It couldn’t have been McKinley; it didn’t officially become a mountain until Seward’s purchase - and that was at least 10 years after Noah parked the Ark.



nope (I have heard that one tho)