Test Your Literacy IQ



You win a trip with Bessy to the Virgin Islands.

Yopele - if you can get to the g-spot with a tenner, I want to look at your little black book.

But Bessy doesn’t exist!

Stop toying with my emotions!

The point in the sky opposite the zenith; lowest point.

Bessy exists in my own mind. She is fabulous, by the way.

Trust me, you don’t want the tenner book.


You win another trip to Hawaii… remember the last one, honey. mmmmm.


Capital of Kenya

yeah, I just can’t remember what she looked like.


(Is Bessy feeding tent answers? Hmmm)

That wouldn’t be honorable!

Breed of dairy cattle developed in the Channel Islands, producing rich milk.


No fair. Redneck cowboy gets unfair advantage.

P.T. Barnum’s first name??