Thank you, Liteninbolt

I regret to inform you that Liteninbolt, moderator of the Natural Sciences forum, has stepped down from his role. On behalf of the community, I’d like to thank Litenin’ for the years he dedicated to ILP. Natural Sciences has thrived under his watch.

Will he still choose to post moderately? Not necessarily as a moderator. I always liked his posts and would never want to see him leaving the site. Nevertheless, thank you Liteninbolt, and your clever name in color will be missed. =D> =D> =D>

Although he may not care my opinion, I think he is one the most reliable/trustworthy guy, here.
He doesn’t pretend much and he seems to know what he can do, what he likes, and he acts according to his principle and to his self-awareness (of both limitations and potentials).
His action has been very honest and coherent to his words/thought, which isn’t always the case for some of us, and it’s not that easy, either.

I would like him even better if he didn’t bother about religious madness, but I guess we all have a few or more odd preferences and beliefs.

I always think that so called society seems to function more or less well thanks to normal common sense people like him working hard. Again, it’s not so easy to mature like that, regardless of age.

Litenin’s a great guy, I hope everything’s well with him and that I’ll still see him around.