Thanks God for.....

Ok people, there is enough negative things on this site about god. Now I couldn’t agree more with all of them but is there anyone on this site that has a good thing to say about this guy?

God loves you.

God by definition of being an infinite being has no needs. In creating the universe and then man god must hold back of himself. He must give. The acts of holding back and giving of himself are acts of a benevolent being.

But I also contest these points with the circumstances of our natural universe. I.E Earthquakes, volcanos, disease. Therefore did god do such a good job of creation?

If Chan as you say he loves us why must we suffer from natural disasters.

Is suffering incompatible with love? For does not a father who loves disciplines, and is not discipline painful at times? Nonetheless as I wrote elsewhere we are not meant for suffering: we groan under it and cry against it. But such experiences do not contradict my knowledge of God. And as it is written in the holy book of the Jews:

In Mans search for meaning by Viktor Frankl, he tells of a story of his daughter. She was 8 years old and asked him why when we speak of the lord we say the “good” lord. Viktor told her “well you had the measels last week and thanks to the good lord you got better” But she was unsatisfied with his response. “Daddy you forget that it was the good lord that gave me the measels in the first place”.

So as for me personally I’m not ready to sing his praises yet. Perhaps if I read job i’ll gain some insights.

The God who sends the sunshine and the rain down on the fields to make the grass grow is the same God who makes the volcano erupt which whips out the helpless villagers.
God is not good and God is not evil. God simply is!

The key insight in Job is this: that God did not answer Job’s question at all, and Job never knew the wager between God and satan in heaven. Job never knew that he was, in today’s terms, a pawn in heavenly politics. And also the essence of God’s answer to Job is simply, “Am I not God?”

Sounds good, who said he had to be anything?

Good or bad is judgement that I make about God. It’s not inherent in God.

However, because I believe loving God is good for my own happiness (not God’s), I try to judge God as good. I probably always fail. My success is when I learn to love God because He’s God.

on this site … ID=2424049 it clams that humans are addicted to love. IF we are so addicted to love maybe that’s why we portrayed god as such a loving being.

Yes, it would be nice if we could just leave it at that. Unfortunately Western theology and/or philosophy do not permit this. Some of this is a problem of language. In the West, the word God is used as a noun. In the East, the words for God are used as verbs. A small distinction with a big consequence. Nouns require modifiers (adjectives). God is good, God is benevolent, God is omnipotent, God is blah, blah, blah. In the East it is appropriate to say God is. Period. And in the sentence “God is”, God is not God, God is IS. God is that which gives form to concept and action to form. God is creation, God is destruction, God is change. In language, any meaningful sentence must have a verb or an “is-ness” if you will. So God is present in all things, even in every sentence ever spoken. Would you expect anything less from a truly infinite God?

Here’s a good thing to say about God:
Assuming of course, that God’s omnicient (infinite in knowledge)
and using math’s definition of what an infinite set is that would mean that:

For every thing that God knows about everything, and I mean Everything, there’s a one to one relationship to what God knows about beer, and a one to one relationship to what God know’s about making beer; and that, my friends, is the God I want to meet!

God made us survive by making others suffer (food chain)

whoops, that wasn’t good.

I really dont think so. :imp: