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[size=50]…[/size][size=150]“That’s the Truth”[/size]

[size=117]My thesis for this thread: This is an extremely dangerous situation; One man & the Truth.

…oh yeah, one other thing, unlike the phoney philosophers here at the I Love Philosophy forums, he’s got the balls to own his words.

Peace. Out.[/size]





Just as I thought. No response.

And I know I will be banned forever for this post because I am a philosopher and I am stating the truth.

I have no business here Your silence is the similar to the emptiness the protesters had in the above video.

OK. Now, bring a moderator in to ban me and save you from a philosopher…With the truth.



Is that what you think?

I really doubt you’ll be banned for that post, and if you were banned for that post, it probably wouldn’t be for that reason.
You’ve been temporarily banned before. Why do you think you were banned? Do you think it was for stating the truth?


[size=117]The reason I will be banned is irrelevant.

A moderator will come to save you. Don’t worry. You’re safe.

You can continue here.

…jeez, I know this is totally unimportant to you but would you care to actually address what you perceive to be the philosophical point of this thread?

Or…just continue to mock & question the original poster.



I don’t think there is a philosophical point to this thread.
But I think there’s something that you didn’t mean to be the point that’s interesting:

You think ILP is full of phoney philosophers, and clearly you’re quite worried about being banned, and I’m just wondering why you’re here.
To talk about fucking Indians saying that white people are illegal immigrants? Is that why you’re here? Why don’t you talk about it somewhere that isn’t full of phoney philosophers and people who you’re worried will ban you? Maybe a forum for Native Americans or something.

Now, don’t misunderstand me, I’m not asking you to leave, I’m asking you why you’d put yourself in an environment in which you feel unwelcome, and in which you don’t even respect those around you.


I guess, what I keep wondering is, why the mock of the way I post?

I presented a 6 minute plus video that is, I believe is philosophically interesting, more importantly, it’s topical, and there is actually PLENTY of text provided within the video.

I have more threads in the Academy section of this forum than any other member. If I want text within a thread, I will provide it.

I thought of this American Indian - OWNING HIS PHILOSOPHY - putting skin in the game. In real-time.

I thought of Rosa Parks, which I had added a thread upon this past week, OWNING HER PHILOSOPHY. PUTTING HER LIFE ON THE LINE based upon her own philosophy.

Then I think of ALL the important philosophical statements, SIMPLE statements, that are so important and philosophically interesting.

Then I think of what is here.

Who are we?

Does our anonymity come with a price?

Think of the name of this forum…

What does it mean?

Do we undermine ourselves?

Think of how many posts end up to be just a few member squaring-off upon each other with the actual philosophy of the thread taking a back seat.

Who among us searches for or respects the truth?

I’m not really afraid of being banned.

I came here for a good time - NOT a long time. And so far I have had a GREAT time.

I look at each post being my last.

I think only of what I want to say or questions I want to ask.

When I’m banned - I’m banned. That will not make ME any less. The act cannot take away from me; who I am.

Do I want to feel welcomed or do I want to say something?

Rosa Parks, the Indian, do they feel welcomed?

Did their need to feel a part of the moment take a back seat to their philosophy?

Thank you for asking some GREAT and challenging questions.

Good luck to you.



I don’t really see how the Indian shouting at a whole bunch of people is really all that virtuous, as you seem to be saying. I mean, if you’ve ever been in a really really really poor neighborhood, you see people ‘owning their philosophy’ all the time, pretty much constantly. LaQuisha shouting at ShaRonda for trying to hit on her boyfriend, and then they pull each others’ hair out, maybe a drive by a week later.

What does going to a rally and shouting at a whole bunch of idiots accomplish? Was he really ‘putting his skin on the line’? No…not really. The chances of him in any way endangering himself in that situation were 0, so idk in what way his ‘skin was on the line’. He was just having a shouting match like an idiot with a bunch of other idiots.

And, for the record, the way you post makes it difficult to read. If you’d stop formatting everything and just write normally, it would be easier to read. You’re being inconsiderate, and an attention whore.

You can probably find many places around the world with a disgruntled conquered minority. And so? They’ve lost, and stepped down, and time goes on, and it’s not their game anymore. What would you like the Native Americans to accomplish? To become completely sovereign nations on their own? Will the US let them have the power to start their own military and seek alliances with other nations which also hold a grudge against US? They’ll be labeled terrorists faster than you can blink and we’ll be playing cowboys vs. Indians all over again.


…or you could have responded by saying, [i]Yeah, that Indian had a lot of guts. Philosophically, he was right. He went against the mob and stood-up for what he believed is right.

Rosa Parks? Yeah, she had a lot of guts. Philosophically, she stood-up & sat-down for what she thought to be right. That took a LOT of guts.[/i]

One person, who believes in their inner judgement, believes in their inner philosophically, can dramatically affect the course of humanity.

Ergo: We here at the I Love Philosophy forums, if we believe in our inner philosophy and if we have a unique perspective AND we have the guts to put our name to it; if we have the guts to own our philosophy, we could possibly change the destiny of humanity.

That’s the Truth. [/size]

…I guess it’s what we choose to focus upon.


Nobody’s going to drastically affect humanity by shouting at a whole bunch of rednecks with pickets. Not gonna happen. It’s easy to mistake stupidity for guts, they often appear quite similar.

Why don’t you stop posting online and go shout at people in the streets?


The Indian in the video has guts. Do not try to diminish that. The fact that he did what he did takes A LOT of guts.

It just so happen that the message that he has is simple, direct & true. It is not a message that perhaps you & I are comfortable with - but his message is true.

That’s the Truth.

The late Rosa Parks and certainly the late Rev. Martin Luther King were also brave. They allowed their philosophy to guide them. They were certainly willing to stand alone and put their lives on the line for what they knew was true.

Again, I don’t think you could approach them, their philosophies, or my characteristics of them within the context of this thread.

If I may extend the thread of honesty & truth within this context I would venture to say that you too see exactly what I see.

You, however, seem to react by attacking, or more correctly, attempting to attack,. Attempting to mock.

I think you see exactly what I see. You react with fear. I perceive you to be protecting your ego.

Could this thread be an opportunity for you to take a look at yourself later on, after your emotions are quelled? [/size]



[size=117]I really like your analysis of the positions that I put forward.

You are very good at articulating and bringing other important elements into the thread.

THANK YOU for adding your thoughts.[/size]



I have a “theory” that when a country invade another one, it will be invaded in turn, later.
For example, US invaded Mexico and took some territories. Now, Mexicans are coming back, and invading lots of former Mexican territories.
And there are other examples, like US (and European countries) invading Asia, Africa, Arab, etc, and in turn invaded economically, flooded by good, refugees, immigrants, and so on.

So, there will be more invasions for US to come.

Also, I have one criteria to recognize former empire(s).
It’s the perversion of food item.
I mean, I recognize Rome as a former empire because we can find pizza place all over the world.
China is former empire because there are Chinese restaurant everywhere.
Japan is slowly joining the club because there are more and more sushi shop.
And US is already getting the status of “former” empire because we have Mac and KFC, etc, everywhere.
Maybe it’s not a very good news for American patriots that US is joining the club of declined empire.

I don’t claim these to be “truth”, though. :smiley:
Just my fetish personal “theory”.



I LOVE those theories.

I will say it, Those theories are truthful

I have had those exact thoughts but I have never been able to verbalize them.

Thank you for doing that & THANK YOU for adding to this thread.[/size]


As is usual for me, Bill, I have trouble trying to interpret your points. It’s true, white people started to settle this country 400 yrs. ago (English), when they were welcomed. It’s also true that the indigenous people were essentially ‘wiped out’ by the conquering Euro-Americans.

It’s also true that what is now the US allowed slavery–again, the oppression of a minority race by the ‘race-in-charge’–the “whities”–which still goes on today. It’s true that Rosa Parks sat on a crowded bus and refused to move when a white person demanded her seat, although her seat was in the ‘colored’ section of the bus. But she doesn’t hold a candle to Harriet Tubman, the escaped slave who aided other slaves to escape.

Mainly, Bill, what is it you’re saying? What conclusion are you working toward? What philosophy is it that you object to? Can you please put things into word?

Anything to display his genocidal racism.



I think you were able to interpret my points rather well.

You may be right about Harriet Tubman as well as a host of other possibly braver individuals that I did not mention within the scope of this thread.

I take it as a complement that I have not drawn specific conclusions for you
if that is the case.

As my thesis statement for this thread reflected, it was refreshing to me to see an individual stand-up for what they philosophically think is right and just. No matter what the odds.

The examples that I provided for the scope of this thread also represented, to me, individuals speaking an important truth:

The Indian - YOU go home. You weren’t invited. YOU are the immigrants.

Rosa Parks - We can move beyond racism in this great country America.

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. - Worker rights are civil rights.

So, I invite you to come to your own conclusions. I invite you to put YOUR feelings into words.

Thank you for posting and thank you for enjoying this thread!

“ The liberally educated person is one who is able to resist the easy and preferred answers, not because he is obstinate but because he knows others worthy of consideration. ”

Allan Bloom —[/size]