The 5 Steps To Changing The Future Whether You Like It Or...

[size=200]So here’s the plan!

The way politics work is exactly like shadow play with a few psychical twists.

  1. Become a fire so bright, that it casts shadows upon their shadows.

  2. Figure out a way to drag people that can see the bullshit in this world out from their shells to do something with their honesty and ability to see through the lies.

  3. Take those people and have them run out the “other people” that are the “only people” that vote for the chickens and monkeys because they are so pathetic that they feel empowered even when they vote in a piece of shit.

  4. After I run out the shadows and fools, I will continue to influence and flourish this world world-wide.

  5. After everything is leveled out, I will never let my guard down and will always watch over it to make sure it does not suddenly tilt back into hell.[/size]

[size=200]The Philosophy Of The Future.[/size]

[size=200]Are you going to talk to who is in charge?

Or are you going to talk to who knows what’s going on?![/size]

Have you ever stopped to understand that all the crap is part of evolution? The human species is going to separate and its not about skin color.

Maybe if all the colors of X were against all the previous colors of X, your statement would hold true.

I’m afraid that isn’t the case, so your statement defeats itself.

Not possible. What causes evolution?


Sorry, I don’t pay for vids on this smart (Lol) phone.

There are two threads for you to read of mine: “What the hell is Pi?” and “What Happens When You Close Off A Transcendent Scorpio”.

I laid it all out and then some.

Hon, you have 26 pages of posts. Searches use words not titles… it would be quicker if you produced links, thank-you.

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:slight_smile: My Dyslexia makes certain things difficult, while I am quite capable of maths at higher levels, even simple math takes me a while. Numbers transpose or get lost altogether, much the way words do but, I work with words and have learned over Fifty years how to control letters and words to a point, it too though can be slow going. With that said:
My brain screamed and ran from your numerical threads… I apologize but, to accurately read your threads would take weeks of methodic work.

For a species to evolve conflicts must be encountered and overcome. Many may perish if they cannot adapt. Those that adapt evolve to a point. Bodies and brains evolve separately or together. As a sentient species we have the potential to evolve dramatically or stagnate. Conflicts that society creates is important to our mental evolution. Our genetic behaviors are far different from the first humans. Genetic memories are a fascinating part of evolution.

Scientists will soon be able to manipulate genetic memories and create them.

Take your time, Kris.

This has been tried and done! Infinity does not extend infnitely, it is fed back into a loop, inperceptibly, of curse.Without this, limitation will occur, and the future can not be changed.

What’s your point?

Just trying to respond to Kris’s comment. That what she is describing is inavoidable. (Even if, genetic engeneering may agttempted to be avoided)

If it’s infinite,

how can you have a point?

You don’t have one, you consist of many. I do have a point, that the many are fed back into the one point, and that point has to be asserted, by a will.

And that point, the only point ever. The point to the whole thing.

It was a joke.

Of course. Or a Dance.

Depends, were there any legs to stand on?