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Well the sybill, asked a question,’ what creature is there out there, who has four then two then three legs, and if you can answer this puzzle you may proceed through the gate.

The person who was anxious to pass through, after
being illuminated by a dream, (of something he could
barely remember) answered correctly: it is Man. He is on one leg when an infant,

He is on four legs as an infant since he crawls, then two, as he goes trhough life, then three , when in old age he is using a cane.

Then, as if by magicke, he was allowed to go through by the sybill.

I already knew this riddle. When I was about 9, I was already well on my way in answering it, but I doubted myself back then and didn’t say it - it was that point on I realized my potential as a thinker.

Ok I did not until I read thomas Mann’s Joseph and his Brother’s as you can see I had-have, a lot of catching up to do. This as around the time I got married , at twenty six.