The 700 Club

WARNING: You can only post here if you have 700 or more posts.

The purpose of this thread is more a mystery than the enity of Pat Robertson himself.

Any suggestions??

[size=200]because i can.[/size]

Perhaps a secret Cabal to gain even more power?!?!?
Or making plans to exploit the workers, creating vast aquatical ceremonies, repress the peasants etc. etc.

woohoo! I have more than 700 posts. Looks like I just wasted my time adding another… :unamused: :wink:

What’s up, Guys? It’'s been eons (okay, two months) since I last posted here. Tommaro(sp?) is the 93rd Aniversery(sp?) of the sinking of the Titanic. And Wednesday is my 1 year anniversery here at ILP.

…so, what’s new? :confused: :wink:

That sounds interesting…let’s organize a conclave of members who have over 700 posts and use our combined resources to manipulate the current nature of things on! This level of manipulation concerns the very nature of the way people think in order to gain more prestige than even the moderators…eventually, this power surge will cause the level of control to exceed that of our administrator, ben. At that time, The 700 Club will expand to other philosophy forums, spread to other message board websites that actually have no connection to philosophy, and eventually take over the internet; resulting in a cataclysmic halt of the real-world society. As the internet is everso interlinked with the real-world society, it would only be a matter of time before The 700 Club deviously delved into the realm of world-scale politics; controlling all matters from nuclear weapons policy to third-world hunger crisis situations.

At its humble beginings, just a handful of people will contribute their resources, but as the power grows, hundreds, thousands, and eventually millions will fall into the fold; throwing billions of dollars worth of contributions to the cause of The 700 Club in a blissfully blind delusion that they will be recieving some kind of special knowledge or salvation beyond their current state of existence (that being below 700 posts). When the billions on the planet fall into the growing idealism of The 700 Club, there will then be enough financial prosperity to eradicate the useless aspects of this planet and rebuild a utopian society of all things useful. At which point, interstelar travel will allow the spread of the club to reach new worlds of the galaxy that are just waiting to be enslaved into close-minded minions of…


(This critique can easily be applied to Christianity.)


Oh shi…

Heretic!! You do not have 700 or more posts, you must be burned at the philosophical stake of denial! :evilfun:

I’ve always believed size DOES matter but seeing HOW many people got 700+ posts, I’ve changed my mind.

Yeh… right on!

I second that!

You shall suffer the wrath of Pat Robertson…should he act upon your transgression…heh.

when will we have a public murder?

I thought this thread was long dead…thanks for bringing it back Smooth, I forgot about that tidbit I wrote up about The 700 Club taking over the world.

we have to do what we have to do Sage.

…and you have to do some magic!

I’ll cast a spell amongst the masses of heretics running on this planet. Only if they realized that we didn’t exist to begin with…[/list]

This is my 700th post on ILP!!!

Happy 700 to me –
Happy 700 to me –
Happy 700 –
Happy 700 –
Happy 700 to me.

But I’m still a Philosopher…
when do I get to become a living ILP Legend?

my real name

runs through naked

Yes, will I be getting snacks?

snacks?! :astonished: