The actions of Christians don't line up with their beliefs

Christians claim that heaven is a far better place than the temporal life. They also claim that a child who dies before reaching the age of accountability or the age at which he can make sense of what a God is would go to heaven.

So this raises two questions:

  1. Why do Christians buy health insurance? Why do they go to such great lengths to prolong their temporal lives? This course of action suggests they aren’t genuine about what they claim to believe.

  2. Why don’t Christians kill their children before the child becomes old enough to potentially reject God? According to their beliefs, there is a 100% chance the child goes to heaven if he/she dies before reaching that age. But if he grows up and becomes a Buddhist, a Muslim or perhaps turns into an Atheist, then he’ll go to the Christian hell.

Both revolve around suicide, murder. If you can prevent your death you are supposed to otherwise it is suicide. If you kill your kid, the kid might go to heaven but, you are screwed. Why would you do something that deliberately keeps you from your loved ones and ends you? Its not going against their beliefs, it is following them.

If heaven exists, why would suicide and murder be something immoral? Remember, if heaven exists there is no death aka there is no “end of life”, only CONTINUATION of life in a better, safer, more enjoyable environment.

By committing suicide you don’t end your life anymore, you merely transcend into a higher, better reality or something like that, no? The same with murdering with somebody else, you’re actually doing them a favor.

Why would anybody prefer existence in a world that can kill and torture you in thousands of different ways to heaven? You’d have to be insane.

And why would God punish anybody for killing anybody, as long as it’s quick and painless? Remember, we’re reasoning with the premise of heaven existing, so killing somebody only makes their life better in every possible way.

What are you talking about here, what is it that keeps you from your loved ones and ends you? Also, if you say it “ends” a person then I assume you don’t believe in heaven? But Christians do, or so they say.

Life is a gift from God. It is not to be thrown away or traded for something which you think is better.

Why is that necessary according to your God? Why would anybody have to suffer life on earth if there is heaven, what’s the point? He could just give us the gift of life in heaven in the first place and avoid all the unnecessary harm and evils done to people and by people.

Life on earth is pointless if there is heaven. Yes Christians, I just said that and turned your own argument against you.

Age of accountability? Calvin believed that unbaptized babies who died went to hell.


If God wanted you to be in heaven from birth then He would have created you in heaven. So God wants you to live on Earth.

You can speculate about God’s reasons for doing that.

Speculate? More like deduce.

Do you agree with him? And why?

Life is not a gift, it is an education, not just for the individual but, for species, not just human.
If life were perfect what need is there to think or learn. Lets say god stuffed facts into our infant brains. Not just good and not just bad. How would we treat each other and feel about each other?
Good is not the only bonding agent, bad is just as important. The god cannot just think of individuals, it must think of all life. What will evolve, what promotes bonding, what will affect the future of life. Sometimes that means hell on earth and sometimes that may mean massive destruction and death.
You ever think the universe maybe a goal? Perhaps there are far worse things out in an endless universe that a god cannot control. God is omnipotent compared to us and that which is here and now and in the past. But, no mention is made in the bible of the universe or universes in the future. Perhaps this is training for the life there.

You know the world , would you send a toddler out in it?
We are a young species, a million years is a drop in the time bucket.
I swear some atheists make me cringe, it seems like they want to believe in magic… Its as embarrassing as those that take the religious texts literally and believe every word. Both are creating hate, ignorance and fear.

Kriswest what will a baby that dies of a deformation at age of 2 learn? How can you even attempt to justify that?

Do you think Holocaust was justified too? What do you think that the millions of Jews who died in agony learned? What was the great purpose behind it?

Enlighten us, magic believing atheists because I didn’t know condemning hate and ignorance equaled to creating it. Attempting to justify hate and igorance like you, on the other hand…

When you say this kind of stuff and accept it:

you can start justifying anything.

speculate - form a theory or conjecture about a subject without firm evidence.
deduce - arrive at (a fact or a conclusion) by reasoning; draw as a logical conclusion.

You can arrive at God’s intent by reasoning? I’m listening. Why did God create life on Earth instead of in heaven?

You really did not bother to read all of what I said or even bother to stop and think did you? Is your hate so great that it blinds you?.
What makes you think it was the child that was supposed to learn or that it was the victims of the Holocaust that were supposed to be the ones to learn? I would think these horrible things are directed at the species present and future.

As far as bad being good for bonding, go through a catastrophe with others or have loved ones in a catastrophe, skin color, beliefs, culture go away as people work together to recover, more often than not those bonds remain and are passed down as much as good bonds are.

One of the reasons is that he is evil, which can be easily deduced because no good being would create life in a dangerous environment when he could create it in a perfectly safe and enjoyable environment.

I did, I just disagree with you.

And what exactly are they supposed to teach us? What valuable lesson do I learn from a deformed child dying at age of 2?

I agree that such moments are touching but does that justify causing the catastrophe in which people suffer and die? Finding some good in the bad is ok, but I wouldn’t take it as far as you…

Touching?? That “some good” is crucial to understanding acceptance, empathy, caring.
Can you create those from nothing but, cold facts? Can you just tell a child they must be loving without giving them emotions to feel?
Do you think any being can produce the above with just knowledge and no experience? If so then you believe in magic. Life can pass knowledge down to future generations but, on this earth only humans can put emotions into knowledge.
1 million people were killed
Compared to
1 million people were burned and butchered. This included dismembering infants after they were raped and killed.

Do you not really see how important the bonds are in this?
We as a species must bond and learn, not just individuals.
Cold facts do nothing nearly as crucial as emotive catastrophe. How could we actually love if all we ever experience is fact and ease of life? How could we ever truly appreciate it all?
Why is it more important that you direct it towards individuals rather than species? Why should you learn from that infant? Do you have the ability to change all health practices?

Mutcer, you’re forgetting that christians think god will forgive them for anything, and they also think it’s impossible not to be a sinner.

So what it boils down to is that they believe they have no choice but to break all their own rules, and then ask to be forgiven.

Get with the program man. It’s really simple.

with love,

That’s actually so much bullshit, from my experience it depends on the person.

Some people get abused as children and learn how abuse is wrong and would never abuse their children again, others get abused and do unto others what has been done to them.

Generally however, I’d say that bad environment and experiences mostly lead to bad behavior, American ghettos for example. Not all of those black kids are evil by nature, some of them would probably grow up to be decent kids if they were born in a more safe environment.

Ok then, what are human species supposed to learn from an infant dying at age of 2 due to a deformation?

Your arguments are ridiculous. Look at our history, when we learn about history it’s mostly about WARS, WARS, WARS and more WARS. What are we supposed to learn from all those wars? That we should have as many wars as we can?

If God is trying to teach us that we shouldn’t have wars by designing us in a way that we are naturally prone to conflict and wars and letting us murder ourselves for centuries without intervening then I really have to congratulate him for such a genius plan, great job God =D>

Using your reasoning we can justify any evil ever done or to be done. It’s repulsive and makes me sick to my stomach.

That if there even IS a god, this god is not a personal one. That there are really no miracles and that not one person in the universe is more special than another - we’re just all different. And that sometimes babies suffer, children suffer, innocents suffers and evil unaware human beings sometimes have it really good. Things happen because of the way in which evolution has been set up and also fails and also because we don’t want to do anything about anything at all.

We would all see something like that and depending on who we are as individuals, we might either suffer ourselves because of it or we would feel no connection at all.

Don’t you sometimes just feel like screaming or crying or both?


What?! If you kill your child prematurely? It seems to me that with that statement you’re saying that at some age it’s not okay to kill your child? Is that what you’re saying - but it’s okay to do it when he has reached the age of reason?

Earth has both heaven, hell and purgatory in it. It’s experienced within our brains and most of us or at least many of us have the capacity to jump from one to another and back out again, if we really will it. Sometimes it is not all that easy but we can for the most part. If there even is a god, this god did not create evil - it is as a natural result and progression of human evolution and human unawareness and human laziness and lack of compassion and love. We can’t figure out the answers to our questions, they stump us, so we have to create nonsensical answers - better than nothing I suppose that’s what we feel. And blaming some god who may or may not have done anything since the beginning of creation or right after it is just an excuse for us not to take responsibility for who we are and what we’ve done to ourselves.

It is all on us, not on some god. But keep on believing and knowing otherwise - it suits us to a T.

I’m reaching the point where I don’t even want to come into Religion and Spirituality any more. It’s senseless and sometimes even laughable, unfortunately but that’s just me.