The American Financial Crisis

Serious question- Would it be a good idea right now for Americans to take the money out of their banks and put it in their sock drawer?

Quite the reverse. It is actually a prudent time to invest heavily in the stock market if you’ve got time on your hands.

I agree with you on that to an extent, Xunzian.

If you are going to be investing for the long-term this is a good time to be putting money into the stock market.

If you are going to be retiring anytime between Tomorrow and 3 years from now, get it the hell out of there and put it in the money market, or maybe even a CD.

The above posters are correct. Now is the time to invest. Though, you need to learn how to pick apart the low points as they come. Regardless, you’re going to make a killing over the span of ten years.

perhaps what we’re witnessing is the collapse of an ideology?

in that case, even in a sock drawer you’re holding a liability

you’d be wise to invest in something of authentic value while you can, while american currency is still perceived to be worth something

one of many possibilities, of course

None of this really matters.

America bought up all the assets, which has been our country’s genius.

Even if we go bankrupt, we still have all the goods over here, cars, computers, technology, tanks, bombs, etc.

The only thing that will bring America down is when the food and water run out.

I hear gold is the thing to invest in right now.