The anatomy of the human anomaly

As always I would like to begin by apolgizing for my lack of linguistic and grammatical proficiencies. Im just a young guy :slight_smile:. (Im not implying young guys are dumb…im jus implying im not too sharp)

    The universe is probably the vastest thing humans have the power to behold (in bits and pieces). I mean, the suckers endless as far as us lil squishy beings are concerned. Within the confines of this massive sea of molecules, matter and milky ways (not the chocolate bar, but those ARE good) are these "rules" or "mannerisms" this great universe created for itself (Or GOD created, thats another arguement in itself...STAY WITH ME). 

   I am my own entity, no? I am 70% water and Im fleshy, soft and I have the power to question the world around me. I am a relevant part of this universe because I can be defined no matter how small I am. The sun is big Hot and mean!..ok maybe not mean, but the sun IS big and hot.  These are "truths" within this universe. (Now stay with me because there IS a point to all this). 

  Just like Mr. sun and I are these relevant bodies of rules and mass, the universe also is a body all its own with its collective truths and characteristics. The Universe is a gigantic Monkey toy, you know...the ones that you wind up and then it jumps around as it bashes its lil cymbals together. The universe is that lil monkey and the gears and cranks within it are the massive bodies, space and time. The gears press hard against each other as the toy jump jolting every part that makes it up. The monkey will always jump and slam those cymbals together. It always has and it always will.

  What if I suggested that we humans are a foreign entity within this monkey toy?, an anomaly. We are not a rule or relevant part of the universe. What if I also stated that the universe is 99% death and 1% life. Even LESS than 1%. Lets say a very small piece of gear chipped off and was thrown into the ruccus of gears and motion. The monkey will NOT stop, oh hell no. The chip is not big enough to hinder its only reason for existing which is slapping the holy hell out of those beautiful lil cymbals, and jumping. In time the lil chip will get in the way of many gears and cranks which will soon crush the tiny chip into dust. poor lil tiny chip of gear...never had a chance ::sniff sniff::. The universe is an entitiy of death. We are this anomaly of LIFE within it. When the universe was born  it only had death on its agenda, but somehow through the countless EONS this thing called life spawned in some places. Soon enough though the unvierses "gears" will find its way to these anomalys and set them straight, because the universe isnt built for life, its built for Death. 

   This is just my dark take on our huge universe. Apologies for grammar and such. Thanks for taking the time to listen to another humans 2 cents. -BRIO

Hi, Brio!

Let me see if I can weigh in with my own feedback to your suggestions.

Currently accepted theory among astronomers & theoretical physicists in the field is that our universe will burn itself out in time (known as the “The Big Chill”). The universe will not “always be,” as it is expanding at an increasing rate of acceleration.

Because we are here, this proposition is null and void. Our existence alone constitutes indigenous presence, and therefore inherent relevance.

Especially as highlighted in blue, you are assigning human attributes (anthropomorphism) to that which you are simulteneously arguing was either never alive or is dead.

…“because the universe isnt built for life, its built for Death.” -See, I’m just not seeing the premise off which you are basing the assertion. Therefore, it is found to be an essentially spurious proposition.

This is just feedback, Brio; please don’t take anything personally. :sunglasses:


So a “healthy” Universe is the only way to define a universe?
Also, if the universe is destined to burn itself out wouldnt that imply that life within that universe has no chance? And maybe sorta kinda imply “life aint got no place here”?

A tumor is an “indigenous presence” in my body. Its a “natural” occurence in humans, but humans dont really like tumors…do you?

aaaaand…the rest your probably correct about…maybe. -BRIO

I dunno - you tell me what your criteria are for a universe to still be called, “universe.” I reckon my point was just that if things continue like they are, time and space will become so expanded as to amount to an arguable nothingness. So, if you still wish to call just about anything that the physical space/time realm should deteriorate into, “the universe,” then I suppose you are right in saying the universe will always be.

Nahh. Firstly, the transience of life in and of itself would not make it foreign or unnatural. Secondly, this universe could be but a springboard. If there exists a metaphysical or spiritual realm, then humankind will almost certainly evolve and move on to planes of existence and being other than the material universe we are currently in tune with.

We don’t like tumors, but yes they are part & parcel of human life. You are saying that because life in the known universe is fragile, tenuous, and temporary, it must therefore not “belong” here. In fact, it all belongs, both tumor and humankind. We will somebody kick Tumor’s ass and boot it out. We will do this because we do have an “agenda”–the propagation and evolution of our species. The universe, not being sentient, can harbor no such grand designs.