The Anglican are not real Christians

The head of the Anglican church is a monarch, a human being what is against the basic principle of Christianity being fetishism. You might say that the catholic church has the pope as it’s leader who is also a human being. The difference is that the pope is chosen from the highest ranking members of the clergy. Considering the required service by them you can argue that reaching any of these positions would constitute to be a chosen representative of God. In contrast a monarch can determine by birth and faces no scrutiny evaluation, it has no other purpose then preserving the status quo of the ruling class.

Look’s like you’ve figured it out. Better email that to all prominent church officials and have the angelican denomination dissolved at once!

yeah, and the British monarchy has had such a hand recently in forming the Anglican beliefs to their whims, Im sure the Bishops have no power at all. :laughing:

ha ha ha. yes very good.

Of course christianity has the wonderful word of christ in it. Christians worship christ. You’ll find that catholics don’t, they worship mary instead. At least the anglicans worship christ and god, and only christ and god!

Yeah, well…
During the papal ceremonies I’ve heard many criticism of the catholic church. The criticism mostly came from British and US sources. Yes the two societies where religion stands behind the interest of the Empire. The Anglicans replaced the kingdom of God with the United Kingdom. The Anglican church stood behind the king even to support the Nazis or Bush. The members of these congregations might believe in Christ but their church believes in convenience.

Then why do the British call their judges “Your Worship”? If they can “worship” their judges, why cannot Catholics “worship” the Mother of God?

because they are not boats…

but you could call your local barrister a lollypop anyway…


straying off the main issue here.

The main issue being worshiping a false idol or a false god. In christianity the worship of anybody other than christ or god is wrong.
This includes monarchs, leaders, judges, members of the clergy etc.

i am a skeptic by the way, i think that using writings that are unproven nonsense to judge a person based on a whim, is morrally and ethically wrong.

on the issue of britain, we don’t support our monarchy. The monarch has no power. The monarch is a state appointed celebrity, the purpose is to rally the people in times of crisis. much the same as the celebrities of hollywood. Problem is as is the case with hollywood celebrities, support dwindles after a while. People loose interest and go back to their humble existence and continue the battle of keeping church and state out of their homes.

The only organisation with any power in the uk is the government. The church is correctly forced to take a backseat.

Dear Imp,
You were just announced to be a moderator, not that it is new, and your comment here was nothing but an insult, implying weak language skills with NO bases.

worship: idolize
warship: war vessel

you missed the pun… not warship… goodship…

there was no insult intended or implied…

the lollypop comment should have given it away…

mundane enough…


you people are rediculous… all of the denominations are classified under “Christianity” how can one define a religion?
soon you will be telling us that mormons arent christians and that you have proof that Mary Magdelene existed… :unamused: