The Arcturians

I’ve always been fascinated by images. All kinds of images. For the past few years I’ve been fascinated with crop circles. Apart from the fact that they are beautiful, what do you think causes them? I always thought it was an energetic creation, but this website says differently. What do you think?

The Arcturians


Crop circles are created by people. I thought that was common knowledge.

HA! [size=150]“Feel the hidden powers of geometry!”[/size]

Daybreak, if you ever listen to Coast to Coast AM you’ll realize otherwise.

i grew up in/ live in a global hotspot for crop circles, trust me they are made by people, i know some people that used to make them, either for attention seeking, tourism, tradition, art, insurance etc whatever reason. they are man made

I know that the circle has always had a lot of meaning in Celtic culture. I think that they are associated with the land of Fairie. Around the time crop circles first became popular I recall that the return to paganism/new age was just starting in Europe and I even recall church burnings in Norway.

So, it was always my guess that crop circles are the analogue to the priest putting tears in the eyes of the virgin Mary statue’s eyes. In other words, I think that it’s a human attempt to inspire faith. For me, the humans ruined it though by making the images too complex.