the atkins diet

is the atkins diet conducive to optimal health?
this is an extremely important subject to discuss…

Absolutely fucking not.

why? why is that one diet in particularly extremely important to talk about? maybe if you asked something more general, like “what diet is the most healthy?” then it would be closer to something extremely important, but this is too specific to be extremely important.

fj–why dont you just talk about the most healthy diet…then the thread becomes important to you…

my goal wasn’t for the thread to be extremely important, my goal was to point out that discussing one specific diet that’s not even popular. It’s so unpopular, in fact, that “on July 31, 2005, the Atkins Nutritional company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after the percentage of adults on the diet declined to two percent and sales of Atkins brand product fell steeply in the second half of 2004.”

no, i don’t think the atkins diet is a particularly important topic. diet in general may be. but not atkins specifically.

FJ, the Atkins principles are extremely popular, and have been for years (especially in 2003-2004 according to Wiki - who knew?). I think these principles are also unsound with respect to long term health.

Some info critical of the Atkins diet

Delta Airlines filed for Chapter 11 too. And Eastman Kodak. And Marvel Comics. And Hostess Brands (Wonder Bread, etc.). Chapter 11 doesn’t necessarily have much to do with popularity. It might just mean they’re spending too much.

i haven’t met a single person in years who takes Atkins seriously. now Paleo, that’s something to talk about. pros, cons, merits, demerits. hasn’t atkins already been discredited?

This should be in the science section if you are serious, and if anyone is an expert on nutrition and can enlighten us to this ideologies merit. Meh let’s see how it goes.

For the time being though and whilst it is mundane babble I am going to say the Atkin’s Diet is fucking idiotic and makes a mockery of the sincerely hard working nutritionists out there, I hope that wasn’t too technical for you. :smiley:

i have studied diets for the last 6 months…you can lose weight on the atkins diet but it is not healthy…

That’s a claim that isn’t backed up in the annals of science. There are many ways to lose weight, it’s difficult to attribute them to diet alone, Atkin’s is one where it is attributed to diet alone, but the research is just not there in any clear form. Now that doesn’t mean it is in error, but it does put the onus on Atkins. … -loss.html

Sorry I don’t work for the magazine if you want the full copy, contact me in pm. I’ll take the legal responsibility for being evil as usual. :slight_smile:

I know people have to make money but ferking lighten up. :smiley:

high protein diets are great for weight loss

but i wouldn’t stick to atkins strictly

my brother, father did it strictly and lost 50,30 lbs respectively

but i’m way awesomer and instead, went to the gym, started drinking whey protein shakes, upped meat intake and downed junk food intake (sodas, doritos were biggies)

paleo diet+protein shakes+counting calories (the biggest part of it) did wonders for me, i dieted strictly last summer, and in the next couple of months i plan to kick it up again

mmmm meat snacks

When I moved to Hawaii, I began to reject starch based foods, such as rice, and am increasingly eating just meat and dairy. I’ve had ketosis issues on my front upper legs for years, and it’s significantly reduced over the last month. My diet is a local platebreakfast of fried spam, Portuguese sausage, bacon, and a hotdog with ALOT of rice for 3.99 each morning, steaming hot from the grocery store. I eat the meat and chuck the rice in the nearby stream for the fish. I also buy three hard boiled eggs and a tea for lunch, and buy a gelato for my lunch to accompany it. Afternoon I eat whatever, but am increasingly disinclined to starches.

I also walk several miles aday- however, my ketosis has been with me for years when I’ve walked in the past, in a variety of climates. Atkinson helped me in this respect, and I seem to have a more flexible belly shield. I was 230 when I left San Francisco, I can’t weigh myself right now… and don’t want to, my belly seems more flexible and responsive though. Almost all my fat is on it, none elsewhere, and easy to hide. Just need it to go bye-bye cause it doesn’t look very nice on the beach.

My old diet was steamed asparagus, large size Hershey Almond Candybars, Powerade, Tea, Onions, Meat, and Fruit Juice. I’ve chosen since then to eat healthy, and have chucked the fruit and vegetables, save onions. Don’t want scurvy.

Caldrid, ](*,) ](*,) ](*,)
What you quoted supports what turtle said. How did you not see that?

Turtle: “you can lose weight on the atkins diet but it is not healthy”
You: “that isn’t backed up in the annals of science.”
Science: “Several studies have shown that a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet does result in weight loss, though there are worries about the long-term health effects.

That’s exactly what turtle said. ](*,) ](*,) ](*,)

Low- or no-carb diets work to reduce weight quickly, although Atkins’ theories as to why are outright wrong in some places.

If your weight is a factor in stopping you being healthy (by reducing your mobility, say, or leading to psychological problems), then rapid weight loss is a good way to tackle that. If it’s not, then the Atkins diet is not necessary, and may be doing more harm than good. Long-term, high fat diets are associated with cardiovascular disease, high protein with kidney disease, high carb with type-2 diabetes.

Eat a balanced diet, try and cut out refined sugars, lots of fruit and veg, do plenty of exercise and get lots of sleep. These things are conducive to optimal health.

some good discussion…now what is the best diet for weight loss, nutrition, and health???


5 to 7 meals a day.
Nutrients equally divided by all meals.
All 3 macro-nutrients should be consumed.
All 3 macro-nutrients come from good food sources.
Number of calories depends on your goal (loose weight, maintain weight, gain weight)

Couple of years ago me and a friend tried it. I lost 18 kilos in 6 weeks. Also had serious kidney pains for the last weeks before I quit it. It works like magic, but at a price.

Put most of it back on though.

I’d say, if you are a really fat bastard, do it for a month or so - drink a ton of water everyday, and quit as soon as you start getting chronic twinges or pains you didn’t have before. And, once the weight is off, fix your lifestyle so it stays off. Because, because, because… The Atkins diet only works well once. The second time you try it, the weight-loss is less, and the kidney damage is quicker. I know, because I tried it again a year or so later, and really fucked my body over.

Then I stopped using my car, bought a bicycle, and joined a gym. Now I’m thinnish, healthyish and happyish. :-"

ok atkins is out…

how about fuhrman???

Atkin’s diet works very well depending entirely on your particular condition.

I had a friend that lost 160# in 6 months (from 385#). I wouldn’t recommend doing what she did, but she did turn out very healthy and seriously beautiful (except for all of the loose skin). I had told her how to lose weight very quickly and safely (being supervised), but she took it all to a manic extreme (she was manic-depressive at the time).

The 3 week (only) method is thus;

  1. Feast and famine; eat as per the following for 3 days, don’t eat for 2 (except for simple vitamins and the water)
  2. Drink only distilled water and 2 gallons per day while feasting, 1/4 gallon while fasting.
  3. Soak in a very hot (skin should turn pink) tub for 20-30 mins every other day.
  4. Eat only the simplest of foods appropriate for your condition
  • rice if you are not diabetic, fresh salads, common fruits, very little meat
  • avoid spices or pre-prepared (canned or restaurant) foods
  • if you must use pepper, use only real Cayenne
  • limit the amount of salt and sugar as much as you can tolerate (in America that can be tough)
  1. Exercise by whatever means, preferably having fun, at least until you sweat, at least once every other day.
  2. Either be in seriously deep love, or meditate deeply on a very serene atmosphere 3-6 times a day.
  3. Get a ton of sleep, preferably in 8-10 hour shifts. If you can’t sleep, exercise more until you can.

Many people will confidently argue with many of those rules, but each has a much deeper and more strategic reasoning behind them than the simple idea of trying to always have a balanced food intake. The body wasn’t designed for a constant flow of even the good things.

If you lose less than an average of 2 pounds per day (assuming you weren’t already skinny as a rail) then you are doing something wrong. Typically, merely the hot bath will cause a loss of about 3-5 pounds. The distilled water will cause an increase of 3-5 pounds until you dehydrate during the famine. Then you should expect to see a pound or more lost from what you had gained by the drinking. You should expect to be urinating about once an hour or so until the famine period.

That method is only intended for the beginning of a weight and health correction program. It is not recommended as a constant way of life although it should merely be tailored down. After a few weeks, slowly explore what other foods you can consume for your particular condition, but the general method should not be abandoned - Feast and famine; get dirty then clean, exercise then rest, be alert and aware then asleep. The cycling between the extremes is an important part of giving the bad things that find there way into your life cause to get back out of your life.

If this is what worked, why are you still suggesting atkins in any form? Why don’t you just suggest this?