The beauty in war.

First off I would like to say that I am a civilian who has never been part of war however I hope this fact is not used to discredit my opinion or as an argument with those who disagree with mebeing a (civilian does not mean I am incapable of understanding it).

I firmly believe that war is not evil nor good it’s simply war and that the myriad of events that occur because of war make war beautiful. Within the contained chaos that is war is a cesspool of human emotion. During war all social taboos,false emotions, etc are shed away leaving… pure humanity if you will. What truly makes us human our instincts for a lack of a better word take are alowed to take control. Now of course war involves pain,fear,sorrow,hate,love and all of our deepest purest emotions.I do not know if these emotions free humans of there social bonds or if these manifest after the bonds are broken (meaning these emotions are what truly makes us human) but what i do know is that war allows people to be be free of all constraints and be allowed to embrace their essence and this in a queer way is beautiful.

Another thing that makes war beautiful is that it’s mans ultimate form of expression think of it as the human races painting. People fight wars to convey their opinions,feelings and stories in the strongest way possible, by taking and giving up life. People fight for countless reasons such as money,love,love of violence etc but in the end they are fighting to express something.If you look at the war as a whole the army as whole is fighting to convey a message and when you look at the soldiers individualy they fight to express a message (although they may not be aware of it).And these messeges form a beautiful and terrible tapestry called war.

The final thing that makes war beautiful is that it is how people truly confirm their existence on this planet. By killing and being killed they areable to confirm that they are truly important. War is in a sense man trying to desperatly prove they are important by proving dominion over others.

Notes on this essay: I realize that war is a dark and terrible thing but that does not mean it’s not beautiful also please don’t assume that im advocating war as good by saying it’s beautiful. I think supernovas are beautiful but that does not mean i am glad our sun will one day explode.If i was to be involved in war i would hate it however if i looked at my suffering from a impersonal view i would see that my trials would be one more drop of pain or thread in the artwork that is war. Also i realized that my last paragragh was not very good for some reason i came across a mental block writing down my thoughts on that paragraph and was unable to formulate the words to express my feelings.

What comments i would like to see: please dont comment on spelling and grammer for those are easily fixed i would rather here insight on whether or not you agree,tips on other ideas i could add or how i could make what i wrote more clear.please just dont say your wrong and then leave it at that make your reasons for disagreeing with me clear. Thank you and ilook forward to reading your comments


Nice work , your right , war can be beautiful , especially when its done right , soldiers are the carriers of a message , and we certainly have needed war in the past to shake us up . We must admire those men who have excelled as commanders on the battlefield . There is poetry and wisdom in war . You may enjoy the art of war by sun tzu


I’d suggest Carl von Clausewitz’s Vom Krieg (On War)

He’s famous for the phrase “War is a continuation of policy by other means.”