The Best Poster On the Board in Each section?


Im new to the board. I want to explore the best posts here and so a good way could be to llook at the posts of th best posters in each section.

Who has suggestion sof which authors to look out for?


p.s. You cant nominate youorseslf!

p.p.s Marshall Macdaniel, gavtmcc and chabengchin seem quiet clever(?) from what I’ve read

The names of those who give arguments I either respect or clearly possess such intellect to warrant respect (in no particular order):

Hermes the Thrice Great, De’Trop, monooq, Impenitent, Marshall, She, Friedrich (sp), Gamer, Xanderman, Marie, Polemarchus, I Zach, Rafajafar, Trix (may God smite my soul), Pax, Matthew E., Bob, Nihilistic, My Real Name, Ditto, Iroel, Magius, Dark Magus (I often confuse the two names… heh), Tentative, Tetchen, gavtmcc, Pope lanky Wanky (you gotta know his style though), Scythekain. Whitelotus (may God Smite my soul really really good).

I am sure I left some out however.

As for each Section… Bob sticks mostly to the Religion board, most others tend to spread the joy.

I have been impressed with scythekain and tentative. Although we don’t agree on everything, it has been a pleasure arguing with them.



i stick to mundane babble, adn i nominate myself despite your rule.

Philosophy= Hermes the thrice great, PoleMarchus (When he’s around), Impenitant, Gatcontroltheory, and Rafa (when he used to be here). :wink:

Mudane Babble= Monooq, Smooth (when’s he around), etc.

And as for whitelotus…well, I guess every board needs a tri-lingual antagonist to keep the members sane! :laughing: :smiley:

A while ago, someone started a post titled “a story we write together”, in the creative writing section.

I would be really pleased if this post gets some attention, it’s a damned good idea. … p?t=141423

If ye would ken the best of the best, the mightiest of the mighty, and the greatest of the great, then cast your eye, back, back, to the golden age.

Search out the distant past and learn of the things said there. Aye, ‘tis now a wicked age of scoundrels and tricksters.

But watch your back, adventurer! There are shadows lurking in the past.

what this? i don’t do smite. you’re too younge and new to not love me.

Yeah, Trix is knowledgeable, though antagonistic. …er Hi Trix, what’s going on?

How can I love you, when I can’t afford the cover charge?

GCT → oh…

now, although i know that’s a common refrain for you, having said it to your mother all those countless times, but this homey don’t play that so drop it bucko.

Marshall → i let 95% of the stuff that i see slide!! not even a peep. granted, i’ll be here all day if i commented on more of the gross mistakes…but that’s what philosophy is like at the layman level. n’es pas?

Trix, I jest. You know I love you, as you have a purty mouth.

gh…I hope I never made any of those gross mistake :expressionless:

I nominate trix. And Marshall, Polemarchus, Hermes, Gatecontroltheory (from the sublime to the ridiculous), matthew e, kyry and more recently bob.

The axis of evil, whitelotus, has left us and uniqor is doing his best to fill the void. He’s doing well in terms of prolixity but needs a bit more front and ego to pull it off. I’m sure he’ll soon raise his game.

yes, yes - prolixity would be a good word. how about the Gulf of Mexico of Posters - Big as all hell but only four feet deep in 90% of the covered area?

I LOVE TRIX!!! And will strive to successfully reproduce a young ILP poster with her!!! :laughing:

by the way that story Idea was me… I think… way back when… when I had a working Avatar and my name was Smooth. I feel like Obi wan… now called Ben… :cry: