I’m pretty sure there are few who actually know what this is and what it’s about, but to discuss this topic severely, we must get down to the root of it. Discussing The Bible Code also requires the discussion of Nostradamus and other famous prognosticators.

Micheal Drosnin is the author of two books covering the code, and so far, it appears that the original Hebrew text of the Torah has hidden prophecies within mathematical matrix formulae. These prophecies are sometimes world-scale, and sometimes completely nonimportant, but always general and usually inspecific.

Drosnin and others like him say it’s easy to spot prophecies that reveal past events, but it’s difficult to find one for the future or present as, he claims, “I can decode something, I just don’t know what to look for.”

Major events concerning the world include the following:

2005: 14,700 die of a Smallpox outbreak…
2006: A great earthquake and atomic holocaust with the starting of WWIII.
2010: Another major earthquake hits L.A. like the one in 1994.
2012: A comet collides with Earth, decimating it.

I find it amusing how a comet will spell destruction on Earth in 2012, being how that’s when the Mayan Calendar ends…

Personally, I don’t really believe the prophecies, but I do find them interesting. What are your thoughts on THE BIBLE CODE?

Personally I think the Bible Code is a load of crap. I saw a few programs on the History Channel discussing the Bible Code. What I came away with was that one can “predict” events using any book that is just as large as the bible. A scholar used Moby Dick and did the same thing with that book.

People have been predicting the end of the world since the time that they had first grasped cause and effect.

There is something about the disaffected that attracts them to the concept of everything being destroyed, or ceasing to exist, or otherwise not holding validity as reality.

It may be possible (I would have to check the math on this) that there is a “decryption matrix” that can transform any stretch of text into any other stretch of text of the same length. Whether or not it actually decrypts something depends on whether or not the encoders actually intended their text to be decrypted in that manner. Matrix mathematics haven’t been around that long, so anyone wishing to encode something in this manner would also have to be no older than the invention of the encryption method.

I thought the moby dick thing was awesome. lol.

yep, and christ was one of the doomsayers, he said the world would end in 40 years, his followers believed him until it didn’t happen, then they just said it would happen later.

Early christianity was much like modern day JW’s who keep moving the date of destruction back. first it was 1895, 1914, 1930, 1975, now it’s 2005.

do you honestly think anything will happen?

Yeah, I caught that show on the Hitler Channel myself…I thought it would be pretty damn funny if someone found a prophetic revelation detailing the Monica Lewinsky scandal in the Lord of the Rings somewhere.

Heh, now that I think about it, they do run a lot of programs about Hitler. Then again they also run several programs about UFO’s as well.

I guess you could call it the Hitler-UFO channel.

Wow, I never heard this one before. Although it does fit nicely into the predictions of John Titor.

Although John Titor says he comes from after 2012, so they don’t fit perfectly togeather.

You see, that’s the problem when it comes to prognosticators…their prophecies tend to disagree. People think they got it all worked out when they figure out what Nostradamus was talking about, and then you have people like Titor and Drosnin screwing it up. Heh.

I started calling the History Channel the Hitler Channel about a year ago since about 75% of the time when you turn to it, there’s something about Hitler, the Nazis, a related event to WWII, or some conspiracy theory like aliens getting in bed with the Commies.

last night they were restoring an AMC gremlin on the history channel.

gremlins, ufos, hitler.

GOD save us were headed towards the apocalypse.

I think this thread reveals something quite informative about prophecies, namely, that they aren’t even discussed unless they involve mass destruction and the demise of the human race.
In other words, they are part of a culture preoccupation with death, pain, and suffering on a mass scale. It’s a kind of preoccupation with pessimism.

As far as the UFO’s, is that supposed to be some kind of escape for humans, to ponder on a more civilized and advanced society of creatures? Perhaps, that is why it is a complimentary theme for those who are preoccupied with what they perceive is the pathetic state of the human race. It preserves what little hope they have for intelligent life in the universe.
Personally, I don’t find either of these prespectives to be particularly useful for achieving contentment or happiness.

I agree, it’s not like there’s a prophecy out there detailing who will win the 2008 World Series. It’s always about death and destruction. It’s about manipulating the masses with fear of reprisal if they don’t do what you say.

This is taking it a step further. In other words, there is an agenda behind this particular preoccupation. It isn’t just someone’s lame attitude. It’s a tool.
If you are right, then it is all the more reason to denouce and ignore all of these kinds of trends.
I for one feel that most everything on the news does nothing but wound people without providing a substantial story that can enhance our understanding.
I mean, what’s really occuring when all you get are sound bites about murder, mayhem, oppression? Is that informative? Is it enriching? What is the value of being heartbroken without enough information or power to make any difference whatsoever?
What is more, what if you are being torn up over something that is being misrepresented?
I think your criticism may go to a problem with news reporting in general, not just the odd doomsayers, but a real theme in popular media to dwell on the pain in the world, sensationalize it, and, thereby, sway opinion.
You’ll have to analyze your own experience in watching news on TV or reading it in a paper. Do you see anything here in what I’m suggesting?