The Bible is a story book and your all just children.

Its true, thats what the bible is… a book of fables. A rather long book but still a book of fables. Where in the bible does it state that it is all true? My thinking is that someone wrote the bible as a story. Why people actually believed it is beyond my thinking. Imagine if a thousands years from now people were worshipping ‘Harry Potter’. Ludicrous absolutely crazy.

Yes, this is what we need; people unafraid to tell the truth like it is since the truth is the good, it defends the good against the evil influences. Bring back King George. At least he wasn’t afraid to tell the truth in defense of the good:

And another thing: K.I.S.S. “Keep it simple stupid.” What’s with all these confusing fables? Everything should be completely clear making unnecessary all this confusion and questioning. Once we finally agree that dis is here and dat is dere, then the elementary logic of the whole mess will be self evident and we will know who and what to get rid of.


That’s what we need: education. Get rid of all those fables and questions and just keep repeating the essential truths while gradually eliminating the evil influences that are incapable of the good and serve only the purpose as done by the rotten apple that spoils the barrel.

Then finally we can “shoot da bastards” and usher in the beginning of “world peace.”

Fables or no, at least I read.

litracey is a dying art


You know, when criticizing a holy book you should probably at least use proper grammar.

I say your all children! Heh

He’s right. Somebody should have thought to put a verse in there that says something like, “Hey, by the way, this is all true.” That could have helped.

Perhaps if we write the Bible Institute, we can get them to put 'Based on a True Story" inscribed on the covers of the next translation.

Ummm… Jesus did say that he is the way, the truth, and the life…
Does that not qualify as a statement of his own veracity? :unamused:

Paul (the apostle) wrote letters to the churches claiming:
NIV Galations 1:11-12

NIV Romans 1:16-17.

Paul also wrote:
NIV 1 Corinthians 1:4-6.

Are you really trying to argue that the authors of the bible were simply printing a novel and forgot to make it clear to everyone? Are you simply ingorant of the statements within the bible? Did you conveniently forget that the scriptures were preached as truth by men in those days or did you not know? Do you see priests preaching the power of Harry Potter today? I have to tell you, as an agnostic (that leans toward atheism) you haven’t convinced me with your post.

Finally, YOU’RE not helping your cause by calling everyone who believes in the bible children.

Isn’t some famous person quoted as saying: “He who does not accept the Kingdom of God as a child will not enter into it.”

(Mark 10:15; Luke 18:17)

I think that the author of the original post, makes some good points albeit he did it with bad grammar.

Why should we hold the truth of the bible so high? because within one of the characters says he is the truth? What of homer’s odessy? Does he not speak the truth about the goddess?

You oft forget that the winner writes history… look at Islam where that religion won out over christianity. In that area they believe that christ was a prophet and nothing more, but Muhamed was a greater prophet. In the christian viewpoint, where christianity won, Muhamed is a false prophet and the bible is absolute truth.

just something to think about you know?

well , in my belief in understanding what is rational and not, the bible is mythology in all its aspects as it can not be analized with logic since it has no grounds of stand with it at all. Above all it does not promote growth of individualism in the ever growing mind of reality. :astonished:

ah but what is reality:

I think that about covers it.

The simple answer is that any story who has had men willing to die for that story (through faith/belief/etc) is perhaps given more credence than a story for which no one would die: do you think that thousands would sacrifice themselves for the Odyssey or the Iliad or Harry Potter?

Have thousands “betrayed” Judaism in order to convert to the doctrines taught by the Odyssey? Do you think tens-of-thousands would go to war over the Iliad like the Christians and Muslims did in the crusades?

When the masses begin to accept some of these books as life then I will think you have a stronger point.

Also, your example of Muslims and Christians forgets that they both accept a base: Judaism and its god. The arguments are not over whether god exists but how this god should be worshipped.

I guess this is just more to think about… :smiley:

actually many people were sacrificed and sacrificed themselves for their belief in the goddess and gods in the illiad… it was their religious book.

and judaism is a base but it’s not the ground floor. Judaism is based on many egyptian and sumerian religious/spiritual ideas. at the time of writing the early parts of genesis you can see this more because alot of the translations from the sumerian texts talk about plural gods.

So having Judaism as a base doesn’t prove the validity of god being like “that” at all. and even if it did, which part of the old testament would you believe? the part where god helps you kill people to take over land, or where god is powerless to help?

It will only be a matter of time to see what books of the day are worshipped 2000 years from now.

Moby Dick was real I tell ya!

Sorry about the bad grammer. Anyway, those that wrote the bible had good intentions. Perhaps they wrote it to be believed to guide people and show them how they were supposed to behave. For whatever reason it was written im sure it is not true.