The Big Picture.

This is not a thesis I am here to defend. This is a statement. That’s all. It belongs in a combination of religion and natural science. But this will suffice.

You are a being of infinite concsiousness. Your spirituality is the prime TECHNOLOGY of your BEING. And LOVE is the KEY. This is what you TRULY need to know, and everything else currently is rather illegitamete.

But you have been conditioned to be detail-driven and this is understandable. So here is some of that detail to the big picture.

YOU come from a long long time ago, and YOU are here for a mission that you have forgotten.

Good and evil are as you intuitively feel it. Though you are not currently directly concsious of it, it is a thing just as real as a rock.

In this order beyond, you are an AGENT of the government. You have agreed to take part in an experiment to see if you would overcome EVIL from within it. The experiment is now in its final stages. Can you overcome?

Now here is more detail, that is difficult to test, but still TESTABLE. I will give you a principal for a piece of technology beyond. Remember that this is NOT the important information. You should NOT remain wrapped in all the detail.

Take a particle accelorator which can detach itself as a vehicle.

Direct one of these accelorated particles into one stream slightly outside your vehicle. This is your “slow” particle.

Direct a second one of these accelorated particles into the SAME stream. This one is much faster.

Do this THOUSANDS of times per second.

The FASTER particle will collide with the slower particle- giving your vehicle lift, incredible speed, and maneuverability!

If you desire more guidance- ask for it. But only through your PRIME TECHNOLOGY will it be most effective!


I am sure you mean well, but it is really hard for me to find much value in what you have said. However, I can agree with

We are born with blank brains programmed to asborb and process information, and what can be printed on them is infinite, however the capacity of our brains is very finite. Our human capacity for conscious is dependent on how well we are organized, and this is something we seriously fail to realize.

We live in an amazing time, unknown to any who came before us. We are in the time of Revelations right now, with geologist and anthropologist, and all the related sciences, revealing all that is to be known of our planet and the human experience on this planet. We have the technology to make this information available to everyone all around the world, so for the first time in human history, the whole world can share one consciousness at the same time. That is, when we send men into space, the whole world, everywhere where there is a TV or radio or Internet service, can know in real time what is happening, and when a space ship blows up on entry the whole world experiences this tradgedy at once. Same with 9/11 and the natural disasters that are taking lives and devastating large regions. This is a time of consciousness unknown in history of humanity, and we haven’t fully adjusted to this new reality.

I am concerned that your explanation of things, is harmful to our awareness of what is happening and our ability to adjust to the happening. It is like a Hollywood version of distorted Christianity, with its explanation of good and evil, and our need for a savior, that leads us waiting to be saved, instead of achieveing the awareness that is demanded of us at this time. This is a time of transformation for sure, but it is better to deal with our changing reality, than a mythology about why we are experiencing this time of transition.

That the information I give you is not from a whacko scheme. But you have to verify the evidence. It doesn’t prove what I say. It proves that there is something bigger going on then you may realize.

This is so true that it could make a valuable mantra for anyone! *__-
(Just keeping that in mind could be a valuable ‘restraint’ for a potentially runaway ego!)
‘Perspectives’ (we) are, by nature, incomplete…

What does this mean? I think we would define ‘being’ and ‘consciousness’ differently.

What does this mean? Dualistic talk of spirits is nonsense.

Key to what?

What YOU are we talking about? The atoms that make me? Are you saying that I have a ‘spirit’ that has been around forever? because I don’t believe in that bullshit. As for a mission or plan… no. That is silly.

You are ‘out there’ man. (That is not a compliment) But it was a fun read.

I’m certain that if I’m spreading a lie, and the truth is closer to the orthodox, then indeed- the fanciful, ridiculous, bedtime storybook sound of the lie is more a reward to the orthodox believers. It would mean the hoaxers are getting dumber.

I applaud anyone getting angry when there’s talk about our dependancy on a saviour. I insist that we must save ourselves. The means to do it, however . . . as fanciful sounding as it gets.



I love it bane, good interpretation, I feel that all people have such similar truths defined in such different ways, that it is funny to me now, sure the intracasie’s seem so profound so vast from one another that they are different, but i believe they all define very similar things. All people hold the key to truth, but have they found the way to unlock the door. All comes when its time to come.

Philippians 2:12
Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.

The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose. An evil soul producing holy witness is like a villain with a smiling cheek.”
[1596 Shakespeare Merchant of Venice i. iii. 93]

Bottom line. We can say the bible says, “Save yourselves” or “It is up to you to accept Christ”. We can also say the contrary, “You cannot save yourself, only Jesus can save you.” The bible says both things. Buddhism really is about pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps.

Both religions are giving you cuts, then selling you band-aids (plasters).

Christianity =
Problem: You are a sinner and separated from God.
Solution: Jesus!
Buddhism =
Problem: You will forever be reincarnated. It is an endless cycle of rebirth.
Solution: The Buddha taught that you yourself can pull yourself out of this endless cycle.

The truth is in realizing that THEY gave us the cuts. Sin is made up and reincarnation is made up. When we realize this, we no longer have any need for the solutions religions give us to the problems they invented.