The big three

Okay I have a question. If you were on a deserted island for the remainder of your life and only had three books, what would they be.

Your answer can be a creative and philisophical as you like.

“The Universe in a single Atom”—The Dali Lama
" Siddhartha"----------------------- Hermann Hesse
Something big with soft paper.

  1. Radical Brewing – Mosher. If I’m stuck on a desert island, I’m gonna need some radical ideas to figure out what I’m gonna brew with. Pulque? Palm wine? Possibly with a few handwritten notes from Wild Brewing by same since I’m stuck with whatever is already in the air . . . but that book assumes I’ll have barley.

  2. SAS survival Guide – C Collins Gem. I would rather like to live, if possible. Can’t brew if you are dead.

  3. Don’t really know. Perhaps a book containing various detailed meditation techniques? I’m gonna need all the help I can get to stay somewhat sane and various monks/holy men seem to be able to get a handle on that.

“The Greater Keys of Solomon.”
“Liber Null.”
Big symbolism dictionary/thesaurus.

( :laughing: )

Or maybe:

“How To Get The Fuck Off Of A Remote Island, by Dr.Phil”
“Bill Cozbey’s 1001 Ways To Turn Shit Into Chocolate.”
“Sonic The Hedge Hog’s ‘Water-Planing For Dummies’.”

…it’s hard to choose 3, but I’ll go for:

V for Vendetta
The Bible

The first because I’m halfway through it and I wanna know what happens.
The second because I really like it. (Yes, it’s a comic book.)
The third because I need to read it a lot more than I do, and being stranded gives me lots of time to do so.

  1. “The Bible”, by God
  2. “Celebration of Discipline”, by Richard Foster
  3. “Photos of my wife and kids”, by me.

That’s a tough one. I would be tempted to include appropriate survival manuals, as they’d make “the rest of my life” many years longer than just my own knowledge would. Probably the aforementined SAS Survival Guide would be an excellent choice, as is David Werner’s landmark work Where There Is No Doctor. The companion book, Where There Is No Dentist could also minimize your potential agony.

As for material for entertainment, that’s a tough one. Off the cuff there are a few books I’d like with me. 1) The Columbia Complete History of the World- it’s a book that chronicles human history, and as you’d expect it’s enormous. I’ve had it for years but have only thumbed thru it. A lifetime stranded would require a lot of material. 2) My leatherbound Compleat Works of Edgar Allen Poe- a huge book, and vastly entertaining. 3) My leatherbound works of Shakespear- another huge book. Not my absolute favorite, but rereading those plays for a lifetime would probably force me to really understand them. It should keep my mind sharp. Although I’d be tempted to substitute the complete works of H.P. Lovecraft- as a writer he’s more to my liking. :slight_smile: